AMA Is Seeking a CFO

By Rich Hanson, AMA President |

THERE ARE MANY WAYS to support the mission of AMA, to include the giving of your time, talent, and treasure. Our members support AMA’s mission through their membership dues and donations to our charitable programs.

Many people volunteer their time at events or on committees, and some members provide their talents and expertise to help grow the hobby. Keith Sessions is one of our members who supports the mission of AMA by giving all three to the hobby: his time, talent, and personal treasures.

This year marks the 10th year that Keith has volunteered his talent and expertise as AMA’s chief financial officer (CFO). We are grateful for Keith’s dedication to the hobby and the countless hours that he has invested volunteering as AMA’s CFO. Because of Keith’s work, AMA has a strong reserve and is financially solvent.

Although AMA would greatly benefit with Keith continuing as its corporate CFO, he supports AMA’s Executive Council (EC) term limits and believes strongly in a structured turnover aimed at bringing in diversity, new ideas, and fresh, new perspectives. Completing his third three-year term, Keith plans to step down as AMA’s CFO at the end of the year.

In April 2006, the EC instituted term limits for its elected officers. Shortly thereafter, AMA adopted a term-limit policy in the Standing Rules, which can be found under Article X Section 3. Although the CFO is not an elected position, we applaud Keith for honoring the intent of the Standing Rules to encourage new leadership within the organization.

At its July council meeting, the EC established a search committee chaired by AMA Executive Vice President Randy Cameron. The committee is updating the CFO job description and will be evaluating applications. We are inviting anyone with financial acumen and a passion to serve the hobby to consider applying for the CFO position.

Following are a few excerpts of the job description, functions, and candidate experiences for this volunteer position. You can read the entire job description on the AMA website.

  • Serves as an AMA Executive Officer and nonvoting member of the Executive Council.
  • Attends and participates in Executive Council meetings.
  • Supervise the budget preparation and financial planning for the organization.
  • Provides reports to the membership, Executive Council, and staff.
  • Works with stockbrokers, investment bankers, and trust department officials.
  • Is well versed and able to evaluate all tax-related matters and codes for nonprofit organizations.
  • Has a bachelor’s degree in finance with at least five years’ experience.
  • An aeromodeling background and 501(c)3 board of director experience are preferred.

If you have an interest in applying or learning more, please submit your résumé to Randy at He will share it with the search committee for consideration. It is the hope of the committee to identify a candidate during or shortly after the October 21, 2023, EC meeting.

Thank you to all of our volunteers and thank you, Keith, for your extraordinary work in serving AMA and helping us to grow the hobby!