AMA’s Longest Tenured Employee Retires After 53 Years

Joyce Hager, who has held nearly every position AMA Headquarters has staffed to include executive director, is retiring next month after 53 years. 

It is not a stretch to say she probably knows more AMA members than any other single person in the organization. Many she met at trade shows and flying events. We want to wish Joyce the very best as she embarks on her next adventure! 

Rumor has it she may be seen at future flying events from time to time, to include Joe Nall.  

Look for a future article in AMA This Week that takes a look back at her AMA career in her own words.  

In the meantime, why not share a memory you have of Joyce? You can do so below. Please help us wish her the very best. Many of us look forward to seeing her at a flying field soon! 


  1. Best wishes for a GREAT retirement! Thank you for the many times that you have provided outstanding service to many individuals and clubs. Richard – AMA 4616…

  2. Joyce,
    Being retired myself, I know it’s a bitter-sweet time for you. I have been a member and supporter of the Academy for many years and you have always been there. I met you at the AMA booth several times at different events and you were always cheerful and helpful.
    I am sure you will find retirement a new segment of life. Maybe you can find an hobby. Hummm, I have one in mind if you need a suggestion.
    Wings Level,
    Frank M

  3. Joyce, we met in 1972 +- when the Air show teams were instituted. We were the DCRC Air Show Team # 103. That is when AMA was located in the National Press Building. Those years were great, and a long time ago. Again, I remember we met in Munce, and you arrange for my wife, Victoria. to -see the Museum before it opened for the day. There were other occasions when we met, I remember the times we talked at Joe Nall. Wow, time fly’s when you are having fun.
    Victoria and I wish you a happy and long retirement. Believe me, it is nice not to have to get up and go to work, but like me if you do something to really like you will not work a day in your life.

    Remembering all the good times.

    John Messano
    AMA 3082
    Victoria Messano

  4. Joyce, my memory is filled with the years of amazing association you have had with the Academy as well as the interface with me over so many of those amazing years. You have fostered and supported not only the Academy but so many of the modelers, like myself, who knew that when in trouble, CALL JOYCE and the problem would go away or be solved in an equitable manner.
    The 15 years that I spent working with you, John Worth and the whole AMA while producing movies was a treasured time in my modeling life. More importantly, you were a significant part of those years.
    We have to be thankful for the support, direction and guidance that you continually provided for the entire organization.
    I hope you will enjoy retirement and look back at “a job well done.”
    Always a friend and admirer
    Jay Gerber

  5. Joyce, May all of your days be happy and prosperous and all of you nights be Heaven.
    May all of your loops be barnstormer loops but let all of your rolls be Sevens.
    Congratulations Joyce on a remarkable, fantastic career. Wish you the best in your retirement.
    May the wind be always at your back.
    Blue skies and tail winds

  6. I am wishing Joyce a well-deserved Congratulations on her 53 years of service to the AMA and their members. I have had the pleasure of speaking with her on a few occasions in my 30 years of AMA
    membership and she was always very helpful and professional at her many positions with the AMA.

    On behalf of the Schoharie Valley Cropdusters, Good Luck Joyce and enjoy your much deserved Retirement.

    Sincerely, Jay Mattice

  7. Joyce was the AMA, when I worked there. I started out as a typesetter for Model Aviation in around 1982. She always represented AMA and Model Aviation from when I began working for the magazine until I left to pursue other opportunities.

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