AMA promotes Model Aviation at Airventure

The world’s largest air show, AirVenture, drew over 600,000 thousand aviation enthusiasts from around the world and the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) was there to help celebrate this iconic event. Hosted by AMA partner, the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA), in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, AirVenture spanned one week in what was one of the largest turnouts following the cancellation of the 2020 event because of COVID-19. 

AMA’s Matt Ruddick sat down with AMA Creative Director, Mark Benson and AMA Safety & Technical Director Tony Stillman for a recap of the event on the AMA Podcast.

AirVenture 2021 did not disappoint when it comes to the effort to include model aviation, from traditional trainers to multirotors. AMA staff and volunteers were on hand to inspire the next generation of aviation enthusiasts, AMA supported KidVenture, with assistance from AMA chartered clubs and volunteers, a long-standing tradition. AMA also provided AMA’s simulator trailer, located along the main runway. 

We also helped run the booth in the EAA Chapter Barn (blue barn) in support of EAA’s Young Eagles RC design-and-build program and will actively helped with the evening RC flying at Pioneer Field. The twilight air show in the ultralight area will also included some exciting RC flying.  

AMA Staff setting up the flight SIM trailer, powered by Horizon Hobby along the main road.
AMA’s Social Media Manager Lee Ray at the booth in the EAA Chapter Barn
Horizon Hobby staff was on hand to help with the evening flying
Spectators were a large part of the evening flying experience, sponsored by Horizon Hobby

Other AMA events: 

AMA’s UAS4STEM competition was also held for the first time as part of Airventure. Several high school age students/teams participated in the event.

The UAS4STEM teams got together for a group photo after the competition.

AMA Government Affairs Director Tyler Dobbs was on hand for a session on government advocacy efforts. Tyler was also be a guest on EAA Radio!  

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