AMA Club of the Month August 2021

The Barons Model Club was founded in 1965 by a local hobby shop owner just north of Spokane, Washington. They are currently home to around 70 members and operate on a flying site that resides inside the traffic pattern of Deer Park Municipal Airport.

Their asphalt runway is 150 x 400 feet and was part of the original airport built in the 1940’s. They have a 200 ft. row of canvas shade canopies with assembly and work tables underneath, as well as benches just behind the pilot stations on the flight line. The Barons sanction a float fly in the spring and fall at a local lake, as well as fly in events at the main flying site for their members. Each event is focused on a particular type of aircraft such as warbirds, bi-planes, old-timers converted to RC and one for the big birds!

The Barons Model Club has set the standard by which other clubs can prepare for SRM panels and ease the path to expanding the airspace for clubs all over the country.


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