AMA member featured for his work with flight testing

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Bic Green, AMA member and full-scale pilot, was recently showcased on WHNT in Alabama for his work test flying the Shadow, one of the Army’s best unmanned aerial systems. Soldiers and Marines are flying some 400 of them worldwide. Bic has been part of Shadow testing since the program’s beginning. He is the external pilot for Shadow tests at Redstone Arsenal.

He is proud of the work he does and considers himself lucky to do th e work he does. In the interview he says, “Basically I have a job to die for, because it’s also my hobby. So work is not work for me. Work is just absolutely enjoyment,” he explained.

During the interview Bic was manually flying the Shadow. He said the plane’s computer can do it just fine, but he does bring something extra to the task. “My experience is worth its weight in gold, because I’ve seen every card that Murphy can throw at me,” said Bic.

Bic talked with AMA President Bob Brown and shared his excitement about his work, and his efforts to recruit other pilots in the RC community. These pilots have helped with retiring the Pioneer RPV, the Shadow 400 UAV, the Shadow 600 RPV (Romania/NATO); and recently surpassing 1 million hours with the Shadow 200 – one million hours flown by our soldiers!.  Theses RC modeler guys were a huge help for the military drone industry, its growth, and its capability now being the weapon of choice for critical precise targeting.

Thanks to Bic and all the other pilots who have helped with this critical work.


  1. I am a Ama pilot, and full scale instrument rated pilot not current.
    Would certainly be interested in test flying UAVs.
    530 949-0287

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