AMA Leader Member Allen Brickhaus inducted into PAMPA Hall of Fame


Perryville High School graduate (1965) Allen Brickhaus was inducted into the PAMPA Hall of Fame at the Vintage Stunt Championships at the March 2013 contest in Tucson, Ariz. PAMPA stands for the Precision Aerobatic Model Pilot’s Association which was established in 1973 at the Oshkosh, Wis., AMA Nationals. Only 44 model pilots competing in this event had been inducted by 2010. The Hall of Fame Class of 2012 includes: Allen Brickhaus of Illinios, John D’Ottavio of New Jersey, Shareen Fancher of California, Ted Fancher of California, David Fitzgerald of California, Frank McMillan of Texas, Tom Morris Alabama, Winfred Urtnowski of New Jersey and Bob Whitely of Arizona.


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