Academy of Model Aeronautics and RCPilot community partner to provide social media platform for RC model airplane enthusiasts

AMA and have formed a community partnership to showcase the newest and most innovative online platform ever built for the RC flying community. is a place for model airplane enthusiasts to share knowledge, experiences, and insights related to building and flying. Users will also have access to how-tos, model aviation articles, and more.
“AMA is committed to being at the forefront of innovative technology which includes platforms such as Being a part of this online community will allow AMA to engage with all modelers and continue to stress the importance of safe model airplane flying in the national airspace,” stated Chad Budreau, AMA executive director of AMA. “In addition, clubs and other event hosts will get free promotion of their events on the Event Engine. Sanctioned AMA event listings will automatically publish to, allowing more pilots to discover them by event specialty and type.

“In addition, content posted on will make its way to Model Aviation magazine and vice versa. Although dubbed ‘,’ the site will also host content for pilots interested in Control Line and Free Flight,” Chad added. is led by board chairman and strategic advisor, Michael Kranitz, the cofounder and former CEO of RCUniverse. According to Michael, “Members of the hobby have stepped up to cooperatively fund, moderate, and help develop in a way that truly gives the community what it needs—not what happens to suit engineers at Facebook or operators of forums that use cookie-cutter software from the early 2000s.” Michael added that will have separate sections for advice, discussion, building stories, manufacturer support, events, articles, and classified ads—all of which will be free to pilots and RC businesses. In addition, users can post multimedia, send instant messages, receive notifications, and interact with content as they are accustomed to doing on modern social media platforms.

About AMA
The Academy of Model Aeronautics, founded in 1936, continues to be devoted to national airspace safety. It serves as the nation’s collective voice for approximately 175,000 modelers in 2,400 clubs in the US and Puerto Rico. Headquartered in Muncie, Indiana, AMA is a membership organization representing those who fly model aircraft for recreational and educational purposes.

About RCPilot
Created and funded exclusively by model aviation hobbyists, provides completely new software functionality to enable members of the hobby to better discover, exchange, and preserve knowledge in a modern, noise-free, community-moderated environment. Backed by Horizon Hobby, the Academy of Model Aeronautics, and top pilots around the world, represents a way for members of our hobby to join together to protect and advance the hobby’s standing worldwide.

—by Erin Dobbs, AMA Partnership and Sales manager


  1. I signed up for RCPilot after watching the AMA LIve presentation. It’s is going to be a wonderful resource for all members of the hobby.

  2. Disappointing. Looks like a facebook page, difficult to navigate. Easier to just to Google what you want.

  3. I didn’t get it until I watched a video interview put out by AMA and heard the idea explained. They try to combine some aspects of a bulletin board system with some aspects of a social media site. I hope it catches on, I think the basic idea makes some sense.

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