2023 October Build Month (Year) Contest


We’re adding something new to AMA’s annual October Build Month… 11 more months!

We know many of you are already planning your winter build projects, so why not share your project with us and have a chance to win something, too! We want our members to start a build this month, document the build over the next 11 months, and enter to win one of three great prizes. The first place winner will receive a choice of two model kits from Old School Model Works, second prize is an AMA Golf Shirt, and third prize is an AMA Baseball Cap. It’s that simple.

How the contest will work:

  • Contestants will choose a flying model aircraft kit to build (scale, sport, control line, free flight, etc.).
  • Take a photo with you and your kit at the beginning of the build.
  • Take additional notes and photos along the way to document your build progress.
  • After completing your model aircraft, take a short video of it flying to share on social media.
  • Three judges will review all submitted build projects along with contestants’ photos, notes, and flight videos. Judging will be based on build quality, creative designs, stories, and flight.
  • The top three winner’s projects and a selection of other submissions will be shared next year during October’s AMA Air episode.


  • This is a BUILD contest. Aircraft should be kits, not an ARFs. However, exceptions can be made for large ARFs with multiple pieces and we will also consider entries for rebuilt aircraft. Approval from AMA representative is required. *
  • Build must begin and documented before the end of 2023 and completed/flown by September 15th, 2024.
  • Entries must be submitted/emailed by September 15th, 2024.
  • Contestant must provide at least eight photos during the build and one flight video.
  • Contestant must be an active AMA member.
  • Contestant will submit email including name, AMA number, kit/build information, photos, and video link to: Lee Ray / leeray@modelaircraft.org


We look forward to seeing all submissions and sharing them next year during our 2024 October Build Month AMA Air episode. Good luck!

* – For more information or questions, please contact Lee Ray / leeray@modelaircraft.org.

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  1. Does it have to be a kit? How about one designed by myself but using parts of a salvaged plane or totally designed from scratch?

  2. I am trying to find a kit for adding video transmission from my cockpit to a ground video screen but can’t seen to locate one. I know I’ve seen them but can’t seem to Locate one. Does anyone have any idea where I could find this?

  3. AMA 1240839
    I am attempting to build a Park Flyer Plastic OV-1 Mohawk (short kit). Learning the meaning of “short kit”. You get frames and ribs, but it is short everything else. 🙂 🙂 Haven’t built balsa R/C model since 70’s (Ugly Stik and ASW 17). So, learning all about electric propulsion, along with new radio technology, and building techniques. It does keep me off the streets. Any advice always appreciated.

  4. How about a scratch build project? I was given a 110″ Stinson Reliant SR9 in bare bones and have been working on it since the late spring 2023. The tail feathers are done, wings are almost ready for covering, but the fuse has a ways to go yet.

  5. How about a plans build?
    I’ve just started a project that’s a plans build of a pre-war free flight modified for RC.

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