2018 AMA Election Results

Below are the results of this year’s AMA election.

Executive Vice President

Randy Cameron 9,807
Lawrence Tougas 5,962
Others 70

District III Vice President

Mark Radcliff 1,471
Others 27

District VII Vice President

Tim Jesky 1,539
Others 16

District XI Vice President

Bryan Wood 1,118
Others 5


  1. Thanks to all candidates for your willingness to volunteer your service to our great organization. Congrats to Randy and the other winners as they become members of the Executive Council for 2018!

  2. Thank you to everyone who participated in this election and process. Congratulations to each winner. Let’s all keep working together to keep flying!

  3. Congratulations to all especially Randy Cameron, its an important position to fill. All you efforts are very much appreciated.

  4. Congratulations to Randy and the others! Keep us flying!

  5. Who is Lawrence tougas. Haven’t ever seen him in utah. Not even a mention of the new flying field in salt lake city.

  6. Since I restarted my control line model hobby back after 25 years I have been very dissaappointed in the AMA. Not only in the model aviation magazine but the lack of coverage of stunt flying and indoor flying. I f it was not for Brodak and my friends Les Nering, Bill Werwage and other in the North East Control liners club I could not have started my comeback.

  7. Thanks to all the candidates who ran for office. I think the AMA election is the only election where “finalists” and “non-finalists” will work for the good of our hobby. Politicians could learn a lesson or two from the AMA on how to campaign. My congrats to all incoming officers.

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