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The 2013 renewal season is right around the corner, which means it again time to review the nominations for AMA district vice presidents. This year several candidates have been nominated to fill the office of vice president in District II, District III, District IV, District VI, District VIII and District X.

Members should expect their renewal forms and ballots in mid-September. To better acquaint members with the nominees in their districts, candidate campaign statements are available for members to read on www.modelaircraft.org and will be available in the October edition of Model Aviation.

Submitting your vote is easy; simply return the postage-paid ballot to AMA Headquarters, 5161 E. Memorial Dr., Muncie IN 47302.

The Academy asks that club officers encourage their members to become involved in the system and vote. Like local club elections, this is an opportunity for a member to play a part in selecting the person he or she feels is best suited to lead AMA in the direction he or she thinks it should go. In those cases where there may only be one candidate running for a position, please still consider casting a vote. Doing this will act as a barometer and help give that person an indication of how the membership feels about the job currently being done. If there is no candidate listed on the ballot you receive, there is no election for your district this year.

The elected vice presidents will represent you, and only our members can decide who this person will be. We encourage you to learn as much as you can about each candidate, and to contact AMA’s Membership Department at membership@modelaircraft.org with any questions.

Please note that the District III election is a special election, and that the person selected will complete the term of Bob Brown who was elected AMA president in last year’s election.

This Year’s Candidates

District II

Eric E. Williams

 District III

(Special election, nominee chosen to complete the term of Bob Brown)

Nelson Gould

Mark Radcliff

Gary Slusser

District IV

Bliss Teague

District VI

Dale Arvin

Jonathon Cameron

District VIII

Randy Brown

Mark S, Johnston


District X

Lawrence Tougas

Candidate Statments Available on the web, https://www.modelaircraft.org/aboutama/Organization/ec/campaignstatements.aspx

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