FRIA and Remote ID Update

Although the deadline to comply with Remote ID requirements is just days away, there are still hundreds of FAA-Recognized Identification Area (FRIA) applications waiting to be reviewed by the FAA and broadcast modules are backordered and overpriced. This leaves AMA members and hobbyists across the country wondering, “How exactly am I supposed to comply with this rule?” This is the question we have presented to the FAA for months, each time being met with the response that pending FRIA application reviews would be complete and broadcast module cost and availability was in the hands of the manufacturers.

To date, roughly 700 AMA sites have been approved as FRIAs; however, nearly 200 have been denied and approximately 800 are still in the queue, with more being added as we submit new sites and resubmit sites that were denied. The reason for denial is overwhelmingly for safety issues. AMA recently called a meeting with the FAA and requested a safety analysis review and an examination of the FAA policy that was being used to determine what is and isn’t a safe operation. To date, we have not received that policy or report. Although we will continue to try to work with the FAA to keep our members operating legally, we are nearing a point where we will begin asking for congressional intervention. Model aircraft operations have taken place at these sites for decades and there’s no justifiable reason why these operations would now be deemed unsafe and reason for FRIA denial.

The FAA is running out of time and, although the organization has remained steadfast that the compliance date of September 16, 2023, will not be extended, AMA will continue to urge the FAA to provide a grace period of enforcement for Remote ID compliance. We will keep our members informed as any new developments become available.

Additional Remote ID resources can be found here and a blog post regarding approved broadcast modules can be found here.

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