FAA Publishes MOC for Remote ID

On August 11, 2022, the FAA published to the Federal Register the Accepted Means of Compliance; Remote Identification of Unmanned Aircraft. This document approves the acceptance of a means of compliance (MOC) related to the FAA’s Final Rule on Remote ID (RID) for those manufacturing UAS and/or RID broadcast modules. The FAA Administrator has accepted the ASTM, International (ASTM) F3586-22 recommendations, with a few additions that were not included in the ASTM report. This FAA accepted standard is one way manufacturers can comply with the requirements for producing standard remote identification unmanned aircraft and remote identification broadcast modules.

Manufacturers must begin producing UAS with built-in standard RID starting September 16, 2022, and UAS users who are not operating at an FAA Recognized Identification Area (FRIA) must comply with standard or broadcast remote ID beginning September 16, 2023. AMA will continue to update our members regarding remote ID requirements, including the upcoming FRIA application process as updates become available.

The complete Accepted Means of Compliance; Remote Identification of Unmanned Aircraft can be read here.

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