Washington State UAS Bill 1049 Stalled in the House

We are excited to share good news from the state of Washington. AMA confirmed that House Bill 1049, which would have imposed new burdensome registration requirements, is unlikely to move forward this year.

As it was written, this proposed legislation would have imposed unnecessary regulation on the operation of UAS. HB 1049’s mandate for additional registration markings, beyond what is already required by AMA and the FAA, would have impaired many model aircrafts’ historic integrity, beauty, and competitive advantage.

But thanks to the hard work and support of local AMA members, we were able to stop the Washington House Technology and Economic Development Committee from voting on this legislation, preventing the bill from moving forward.

This victory in Washington does not mean that our advocacy efforts are over. We will continue our work to educate state and local legislators and protect our longstanding hobby. We want to extend our gratitude and appreciation to all of our members for your support of these efforts.

Thank you,

AMA Government Relations Team