As authorities write drone rules, model airplane hobbyists take on the FAA

Check out the recent AMA article from the Carroll County Times.  Ian Duncan writes about the effort that “turned the Baltimore County runway where Vail’s club is hosting an air show this weekend — and venues like it across the state and nation — into a battleground.  On one side are the modelers, fighting to preserve their decades-old hobby. On the other are aviation authorities, who are charged with keeping the nation’s skies safe amid the coming of swarms of drones.”

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  1. It’s great that once again the AMA was successful in protecting our right to fly. Thanks, guys!

    1. The AMA will need to stay vigilant from here on out as the vultures keep swarming down on what we enjoy ( model aviation ). Take a look at what has recently transpired in Europe with the EASA ( European Aviation Safety Authority ), similar to the FAA, which has proposed very strict regulations on RC flying.

      Take a look …

      1. Here is more on what the EASA ( European Aviation Safety Authority ) is up to.

        Simon Dale’s excellent summary and call to action:

        CurryKitten’s take on the issue:

        Joshua Bardwell’s video:

        UAV Futures puts in his two-cent’s worth:

        I obtained the above information from Bruce Simpson’s ( from New Zealand ) recent YouTube post ( see below ). Bruce is well known in the world-wide RC community.


        1. Here is a post from the U.S. concerning the EASA issue.

          ” The EU’s European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) recently drafted the UAS Prototype Rule, which harshly targets the (DIY) drone community. In short, the rule would destroy Europe’s recreational drone market, by prohibiting the majority of custom assembled drones. Major manufacturers and corporations would benefit, while startups and small businesses would fight to survive. Innovation and creativity would be stifled, and our next generation would lose a valuable opportunity in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). ”

          The above I obtained from the ‘ Show More ‘ section of the recently posted video ( see below ).

          1. A global petition has been setup to the EASA from the global RC model aviation community. Residents from outside Europe may sign the following petition. If you wish to participate, the petition is here ( see link below ).

            EU Petition: 3043:


            The following petition ( see link below ) may only be used by UK ( United Kingdom ) citizens and residents. DO NOTE THAT THE UK IS NOT EXEMPT FROM WHAT THE EASA IS RAPIDLY PUSHING FOR ~ BEFORE ~ THE UK IS SET TO INVOKE ARTICLE 50 OF THE EUROPEAN UNION ( EU ) SO AS TO LEAVE THE EU.

            UK Petition: 2726:


            Also, here is a recent related article from the RC Groups website.


          2. Glad to see some from the U.S. and CANADA getting involved with EU Petition 3043 ( ). The more the better for the global RC model aviation community because a ‘ global ‘ involvement is evident since authorities such as the EASA ( European Aviation Security Authority ), FAA, and others in their respective jurisdictions of authority seem to have a wider agenda than what meets the eye.

            Don’t be shy – get involved if our passion for RC model aviation is to survive for now and future generations to come. Keep the passion, creativity, and community alive !

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