Drone Registration Scam Sites

As previously mentioned, shortly after the drone registration task force announced their recommendations to the FAA, fake registration websites began to appear. These sites are scamming model pilots to register in an attempt to steal personal and credit card information. Many of these fake sites look credible or appear to belong to the FAA. The FAA has warned pilots to avoid sites that offer paid services assisting model pilots in the registration process in a post at https://www.faa.gov/news/updates/?newsId=84245.

Individuals who are registering their model aircraft should only use the official FAA registration website: https://registermyuas.faa.gov/.

For more information regarding the FAA registration process and how it applies to AMA members, please visit AMA’s Government Relations blog frequently. You can also find more information in our FAQ section at www.modelaircraft.org/aboutama/faa-uas-faq.aspx.

Thank you,
AMA Government Relations Team


  1. Do you think the FAA will waiver the requirement to have a pilot/sport pilot certificate to fly your UAS commercially for a small business. A person goes out and
    spends thousand’s on a nice drone and wants to take aerial photos and can not do this with out spending at least $3,000.00 or more dollars for a class to fly the UAS.

    There should be another way individuals can do this and be legal. There should be an on line class or something about the NAS (national air space) say for a fee of $50.00 or less and receive a certificate of completion.

    1. Hi Charles,

      While we at the AMA are primarily focused on the sport, hobby, and educational pursuit of aeromodeling, we are aware that some members want to get involved in commercial applications.

      Commercial operators of UAS will be able to use a new FAA online registration system later this Spring or Summer. Until that time, commercial operators must use the existing paper-based registration system.

      From what we understand, the commercial application will require you to register and pay for each individual UAS (unlike hobbyists). You may also be required to provide UAS-specific information, but overall the process should be much more streamlined than the current exemption system.

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