AMA Reacts to DOT UAS Registration Rule

MUNCIE, Ind. – Dave Mathewson, executive director of the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) which is the world’s largest community-based organization, today made the following statement on the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) rule for small unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) registration:

“AMA is disappointed with the new rule for UAS registration. As a member of the task force that helped develop recommendations for this rule, AMA argued that registration makes sense at some level and for UAS flyers operating outside the guidance of a community-based organization or flying for commercial purposes. Unfortunately, the new rule is counter to Congress’s intent in the Special Rule for Model Aircraft and makes the registration process an unnecessary burden for our more than 185,000 members who have been operating safely for decades.

“The Special Rule for Model Aircraft in the FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012 clearly states that the FAA is prohibited from promulgating any new rules for recreational users operating within the safety guidelines of a community-based organization (CBO). Meanwhile, the FAA’s contention that model aircraft should be considered aircraft is currently the subject of pending litigation. Congress by no means intended to grant a free pass to flyers within this system. Instead, it left risk mitigation and the development of appropriate safety guidelines to organizations like AMA.

“AMA’s eighty years of experience demonstrates that this voluntary, community-based approach to managing recreational flyers is highly effective. Our members follow a comprehensive set of safety and privacy guidelines, which are constantly evolving to accommodate new technologies and new modeling disciplines.

“At the same time, AMA understands that new legions of flyers need to be educated on how to fly safely and responsibly. That’s why AMA has been working closely with the FAA and the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) on the Know Before You Fly campaign. Education programs like these are one of the best ways to ensure the safety of our airspace.”

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Background on the FAA Interpretative Rule of Section 336
On June 23, 2014, the FAA released its “Interpretation of the Special Rule for Model Aircraft,” (referred to as the “Interpretive Rule”), which imposed new restrictions on the use of model aircraft in direct contradiction to Section 336 and against the intent of Congress. The Interpretive Rule expands the definition of aircraft to include model aircraft, with which AMA disagrees. AMA has filed a petition to overturn the Interpretive Rule, which is still the subject of pending litigation.

About AMA
The Academy of Model Aeronautics, founded in 1936, continues to be devoted to national airspace safety. It serves as the nation’s collective voice for approximately 185,000 modelers in 2,400 clubs in the United States and Puerto Rico. Headquartered in Muncie, Indiana, AMA is a membership organization representing those who fly model aircraft for recreation and educational purposes. For more information, visit


  1. I’d like to know what the ama plans to do about these new rules. Or are my membership fees paying to just be “disappointed”?

    1. What exactly do you think a non-profit organization of roughly 185000 members is going to do when the government makes a ruling. Are you aware of how much money and time the AMA spent on this very issue? Did you read Model Aviation or the web site? Do you know that Congress said they can’t do what they did?

    2. Make all hobbyshops and retailers register the end user at the point of sale!and stop all imports! If The diy guys get caught make the penalty so stiff none of them will risk it.

    3. BG, according to what I’ve been reading, the AMA has placed several stern phone calls to the FAA but as of yet have no response. It’s a bit early to pass judgment but I don’t see the AMA doing much to help or support us. What I do see is our government overreaching once again imposing new laws and collecting additional tax money for god knows what and we carry the burden. I see this program as just getting started, the government will no doubt expand it’s influence and ultimately destroy our hobby. The far-reaching implications of this registration of RC pilots are huge, and they involve a lot more than the registration of toy airplane flyers. Why we pay the AMA is a mystery if we have to pay the government for the privilege of flying? The only people that will be affected by these laws are the law abiding citizens! Anyone see a similar situation with gun control? I could go on, but I’m not going to. Call your Congressman!

      1. The AMA shouldn’t be placing those stern phone calls with the FAA. What they should be doing is contacting legal council and have the lawyers place stern phone calls to the FAA, DOT and the NTSB! Clearly, the FAA,DOT and NTSB has no regard for the LAW that Congress passed in 2012. They should be stripped of their so called power and be done away with.
        If they don’t have to respect the LAW, then we shouldn’t have to respect any rules or regulations they make as well. Sounds fair to me!

        1. The FAA will never be able to enforce this. What’s next, calling the FAA at the tower every time we takeoff and land. Let’s see how long that lasts……

          1. Not every time you takeoff & land. You just have to call the airport and the tower once before flying.

            Probably if your operations span more than a day and you’re not activating your club’s operating agreement with the tower you’ll have to call at least once per day.

        2. Fear the government that fears your model airplanes- how rediculous does that sound? I cannot believe this- the government cant stop terrorists when they have their pictures, but by golly you will NOT fly an unregistered model airplane or you will be breaking federal law. Just to prove that the current administration is doing something. This is beyond bizzare- way to go faa, you have become a bigger laughing stock in global aviation communities.

        3. What needs to be done is everyone file a law suit against FAA for threatening us with penalties, prison, violence ,and violating natural rights. Everyone already knows if you hurt someone or damage someone’s property you’re responsible. These are useless rules laws we as human beings need to take back our natural rights.

      2. I agree with Ron – this is nothing more than taxation and government control. Is there such thing as “Freedom” anymore?

        1. Remember who was in charge of DOT (which is in the Executive Branch, i.e. under President of US) when you vote in November. There are many more freedoms under attack than just this one. The Nanny State is the dream of ONE of the two major political parties. Register to VOTE and then vote for freedom from Nanny State regulations and micro-management of your life!

          1. Both of the two major political parties are all for restricting and reducing our rights. They both answer to the same financiers and I don’t mean the tax payers. The fact that they espouse differing ideologies is for their benefit which is to keep the people divided and bickering while they work together behind closed doors to remove our wealth and rights.

      3. Having managed a Government relations team for 15 years, one thing is clear. It too late. The FAA will never admit they over they over stepped or resend this. This is to prove to everyone that they are in command of all airspace and a rebuke to the 2012 law. Remember government agency never make mistakes. The AMA might as well fold up their tent. How they could not know this ruling was going to come out like this is incredible. If you read the FAA FAQ’s, it even talks about a small RC plane being flown in someones front yard. The FAA made this decision a long time ago and the AMA was clueless.

    4. Hmmm…. I can shoot un registered guns on my property and no one can fine me, but if i fly my unregistered foamy on my property i can be breaking federal laws! I think i will sell my r/c planes and buy some unregistered guns. It looks as if we’re going need them sooner!
      The AMA was paid lip service then flipped off by the government! Never forget- when the government takes your(fill in the blank), then only the government and criminals will have (fill in the blank)!!!

    5. Once again the current administration of our government is stomping on our Constitutional rights. With the help of the media services and no public rebuke on national media outlets by the AMA, our great hobby and an entire industry has been poisoned to death by a few idiots. If the AMA cant get the member ship an exclusion , then they too, have been poisoned and will perish also.

  2. Please fight the FAA, this rule will do nothing but hurt those that follow the rules. The problem is with those that buy or get them as gifts and don’t know the rules. The FAA should spend the time and money on Comercial to educate the public.

    1. We have launched Know Before You Fly and the FAA has adopted that educational program. Many businesses and manufacturers are also distributing that information as well.

      While we are disappointed with the registration process, we have been on a couple phone calls with the FAA today to discuss exemptions for AMA members.

      1. While I have no problem registering since I fly at my A.M.A club field, I am concerned about the possibility of anyone stealing or using my number and placing it on their aircraft do something reckless and then all of a sudden now the government is coming after me. What safety protocols are being set to protect or prove identity in a situation like this? How do you prove who is really who if you don’t register each and every aircraft you own, and how do you stop this from happening if the government cant even stop identity theft let alone care about who they really need to hold accountable. What is the A.M.A going to do to protect me know that by registering I might be in theory putting myself at risk now?

        1. I’ve carefully read the privacy rules the FAA just sent out. Anyone in the public will be able to look-up the owner name and address of any model aircraft with a number on or in it, using a website. Anyone in “law enforcement” can look up more details (no judge or violation of law required for this access). The FAA also says it will retain credit card numbers, etc. And of course, they are retaining this blog post and putting it next to my ‘record’.

      2. Mr. Budrea, you are disappointed? My sentiment goes well beyond dissapointed! AMA currently has less than 200,000 members- Amazon is predicting sales of over 400,000 drones being purchased this year. This proliferation is going to kill our hobby. How many of these new purchasers,many of them parents, wont bother to read the manuals let alone drop another 70 or so dollars to join the AMA.

        Registration is unacceptable.Period. They are and will classify those registered as “Airman” and as such, will be under FAA regulations. Those that hold actual Pilot, Mechanic or ATC certificates will be in peril. Losing your hobby is bad enough,but those that rely on their certificates to FEED THEIR FAMILY would have to be stupid to even consider exposing themselves to risk.

        Further, the lack of an ability to confirm that those register ARE actually stating their REAL IDENTITY is beyond belief. Name,dob, and a valid email is a joke. I hope the AMA refuses to release ITS MEMBERS identity to the FAA. If you think they are here to do anything other than punish the registrants you have not had Official contact. Just go through a “ramp check” in a rented Cessna and you’ll see my point.

        I find it impossible to appreciate the alleged efforts of the Government Relations Committee of the AMA. Short of the safety rules- that are obviously ignored by irresponsible drone flyers. And the listing of AMA Flying clubs that take no new members as well as the justified dramatic increase of membership dues- please tell me what have you done for me lately?

        As a Commercial Pilot Certificate holder, I’ve alreadt jumped through the hoops of medical certification, training,both initial and recurrent,checkrides and rampchecks, etc. ad nauseaum. How has the AMA helped the average modeler? With home owners and liability umbrella insurance exceeding $1M- the AMA insurance would be last to pay IF an accident was to occur. I think its safe to say the majority of AMA members are furious- I know this one is. Total epic failure. Drone education program? How about a ban on autonomous flying systems in the AMA? Remove the Axe,next time you guys take our back!

        1. Yes the registration process is unrealistic and overly burdensome! Stay tuned, we will be sharing more information soon.

          I do want to address your question, “what have you done for me lately?”

          First know that we are still working on the registration issue. Within the past few years the AMA prevented turbine jets from being ground. We advocated to permit members to fly over 400 keeping sailplane community alive. Giant scale aircraft can continue to fly because of our work. And locally we have worked hard in communities to stop legislation in New York and Ohio to ground all aircraft.

          1. This whole registration thing is a joke. Why not stop the issues BEFORE they happen. Place the burden on manufacturers to incorporate Geofencing SW so hobby aircraft CANNOT enter the no-fly zones. Not allow them to fly above 400ft AGL. DJI has added this with respect to airports, why can’t they (and ALL other manufacturers) take it a few steps further. Keep the dumb people from doing dumb things. Why wait until some small plane or helicopter is knocked out of the sky and THEN look for the drone/plane’s registration number? AFTER people have died? That makes NO sense. Too many kids/idiots are going to ruin this hobby for ALL of us. Geofencing could stop an extremely high number of “near misses”.

      3. As someone who just purchased a quad copter I see part of the problem to be the manufacturers there is nothing in the package about “know before you fly” or about the AMA so the people who have never been involved with any type of “rc” hobby have no idea of what they should do. The equipment is available every where not just hobby shops. If it is possible all stores that sell “drones, planes, helicopters” should have hand outs on Know Before You Fly and AMA club membership fliers. I feel that it would be beneficial for club members or leaders to visit there local stores and see if it is possible to leave information to help people like myself to find a local club.

    2. This last statement by the Dave Mathewson says NOTHING. We are victims of legalize/doublespeak. The AMA failed by not taking a stand against the Drone industry. They instead took the advertising money, filled their publication with ads, the whole time absolutely ignoring the MODELER’S that pay dues and expect a return for their money.

      The AMA has not defined-specifically- if model Airplanes or model Helicopters are subject to this new draconian rule. Like many regulations that are extremely specific,this latest travesty is ambiguous at best. As a Commercial Pilot/Multiengine/Instrument Airplane certificate holder I am no stranger at studying the FAR’s,however, I see an issue with the LACK of specific definitions. Their website shows only pictures of DRONES.

      My question is directed at the AMA, do we need to register if we do not fly a multirotor? Or do ALL RC aircraft fall under this rulemaking? My guess is we won’t get a definitive answer.

      Any reasonable person involved in this hobby could see the potential problem drones would create. Stupidly EASY to operate systems,marketed to anyone that could afford them. No training,no mentorship- no SKILL involved to put these systems into the air.

      The hobby IS dying. Lack of flying fields, the divide between plank flyers and heli flyers as well as the economic situation that has eroded the amount of disposable income that many once enjoyed, has created a void that the drone market has filled so successfully. Although there are many responsible AMA members that own,operate and enjoy multirotor drone systems,it is my position that this is the exception rather than the rule.

      WE told you so AMA. I hope the next public response will give us guidance instead of a self-serving BS statement that leaves us wondering what to do. Mandatory registration? Wake up and smell the coffee. We have a PROBLEM,

      1. T. Bert, I totally agree with you. How can we get railroaded into registration? Next will be RC vehicles as they pose a hazard to the roadways and others. When does government intrusion stop?? There will always be those that break the law, but requiring all law abiding people to register is totally wrong and this will certainly affect our hobby tremendously…..

      2. T. Bert, your membership in AMA quarantees nothing. The AMA represents 185,000 members by it’s own account. this doesn’t amount to a warm bucket of spit when compared to the millions of uneducated fear filled cowards screaming that something HAS to be done about these dangerous drones. I don’t like these new regs any more than you, but trying to throw your weight around with a 500 pound gorilla is not going to end well for you.I have been designing, building, and flying models since 1952 always without government interference, and I will lend my voice to those trying to roll back this far too vague ruling. I recommend not elienating your potential allies, and make no mistake, with all it’s faults the AMA is not your enemy, and represents possibly the best ally you can have.

      3. I personally blame multi rotors for this problem. Comes down to where these people fly them. There is thousands of videos on youtube of flying over streets houses and people, against AMA regulations.k I had someone try to say blaming quads is the same as blaming guns (As if I was a liberal) But no, they dont understand that this was not an issue 30+ years ago, became an issue within the last 2 years because of… Drones.

      4. It’s time to remove all drone ads from Model Aviation. It is the drone industry, and the irresponsible consumers that they sell to, that got us into this situation. Continuing to help promote products that will probably cause more restrictive regulations, as their owners ignore registration and continue to fly like idiots, is counterproductive and will only make our life more difficult in the long run.

        I doubt that other publications like Fly RC, Model Airplane News, etc. are heavily read, or subscribed to, by drone flyers. If you agree with me, send an email to their editors/publishers asking them to remove drone ads with the threat to not purchase, or subscribe to, their publications, in the future.

        The only other thing that might be done is to boycott manufacturers that produce drones in addition to traditional model aircraft. Refusing to purchase products from companies like Hobbico might have some impact on future product development and marketing decisions.

        1. You have been so manipulated. First you let ‘them’ redefine multirotor models as DRONES because it sounds scary, and all the media hype about near misses and peeping, and then made you believe the model itself is the problem. So, what, everyone that flies a multirotor is reckless or a pervert? But fixed wing or helicopter pilots are noble and pure because they’re harder to fly? So ban drones and ads for drones just because of what might be done? That’s your solution? QUIT BLAMING INANIMATE OBJECTS FOR WHAT PEOPLE DO! Punish people for what they do, not what they might do. It used to be the basis of our legal system. Not anymore. We’re now a country of busybodies and bedwetters, afraid of our own shadows.

          And another thing I’m calling total BS on most or maybe even all of these near misses with hobby multirotors. I’ve read incidents of full size aircraft that have collided without seeing each other. You’re trying to tell me a commercial aircraft going hundreds of mph can spot a 450 mm diameter multirotor at hundred of feet or yards distance? BS. You’ve been played. The only question that remains is to what end.

      5. Part of the issue is perceived value. I no longer fly at a club field because I’m tired of having 20CC an larger planes rocketing at the flight line and then dominating the airspace. I don’t go to competitions because they’re dominated by sponsored pilots that get $100 servos by the case. I don’t go to Muncie because it’s a considerable expense to do so. I own a home, so AMA insurance is the last to pay. I don’t like subsidizing free memberships for youths that then show up flying $1000+ helis and aircraft that I can’t afford. I don’t need a long drive to a field when I can fly smaller electrics within 200 yards of my home. And lastly, there seems to have been little real benefit of the lobbying money spent on my behalf.

      6. WE told you so AMA. I hope the next public response will give us guidance instead of a self-serving BS statement that leaves us wondering what to do. Mandatory registration? Wake up and smell the coffee. We have a PROBLEM,

        Registration is a statutory requirement that applies to all aircraft. Under this rule, any owner of a small UAS who has previously operated an unmanned aircraft exclusively as a model aircraft prior to December 21, 2015, must register no later than February 19, 2016. Owners of any other UAS purchased for use as a model aircraft after December 21, 2015 must register before the first flight outdoors. Owners may use either the paper-based process or the new streamlined, web-based system. Owners using the new streamlined web-based system must be at least 13 years old to register.

      7. “lack of specific definitions”???

        How is “anything weighing between 250 grams and 55 pounds” and ALSO “flown outdoors” and which ALSO has “communication links and components that control it” classified as “vague and ambiguous”?

        You can argue the legality, or any other aspect, of the rule… but you can NOT claim that it is vague.

        1. I’m personally tired of people complaining about drones when they obviously don’t even know what a ‘drone’ is, evident by the way they talk about them! Short version….Autonomy = drone. So….by definition the model rocket industry also must register rockets. Even more so now with gyros and controlled fins. Hell some are leaving the lower atmosphere in under 15 seconds! MANY quad copters, received as Xmas presents will be broken, and will be gone before New Years Day…. but they must be registered??!!

          Many quads are no more autonomous than many balsa and tissue planks!
          It’s so stupid…can’t see the forest from the trees. Quit worrying about the vehicle. Like most automobiles, the most failing part is the nut between the steering wheel and seat! Then laws and designs/regs try to compensate for natural selection.

          Put the controls on the electronics! This would control the ‘home-builts’ why not do away with the amaetur radio band altogether. do you ALL have HAM licenses to fly your planes? By law you should!
          But again…. what would be worse…. a sub 10lbs drone at 40mph with 2 lbs of C4 attached, or a 40 lbs balsa jet at 150 mphs with 2 lbs of c4. which are you going to stop! (neither really)
 the soap box..flame suit on

          1. “Put the controls on the electronics! This would control the ‘home-builts’ why not do away with the amaetur radio band altogether. do you ALL have HAM licenses to fly your planes? By law you should!”

            What “law” validates this statement ?

      8. T. Bert. I just finished reading the majority AMA member comments and I’m just as disappointed as all of you. However, from 2012 on it seems to me that the AMA was taking on this fight for our rights alone. My argument about this sad situation is that I have suspected since at least 2013 that the FAA would probably side with a strong professional organization, namely the Pilots Association rather than hobbyists. Yes, I’m disappointed with the AMA for failing and, as a result I intend to leave the flying hobby if no FAA favorable changes have been made by the end of 2016 when my AMA and local club memberships expire. However, who I’m equally disappointed at is the model manufacturers, suppliers and various hobby shops that have made no financial commitment,leaving the AMA to fight alone. Sure, a few are stepping forward now but the time for being effective is now past! Of course these manufacturers and sellers will continue to profit through other products such as model cars, boats, trains, etc. By the way, unless I have misunderstood, part of this new rule basically says that once the new FAA registration number is applied to your models you will forever be responsible for those models even if ownership is transferred to someone else (swap meets, etc.). So, when I leave this fun hobby, to protect myself I’m going to have to destroy all the models my wife and I own except for those that are for indoor flight only. Any one want to buy some transmitters because so far they do not seem to be regulated by the FCC!
        Ron S.

      9. According to the FAA all UAs will need to be registered. “Effective December 21, 2015, anyone who owns a small unmanned aircraft of a certain weight must register with the Federal Aviation Administration’s Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) registry before they fly outdoors. People who previously operated their UAS must register by February 19, 2016. People who do not register could face civil and criminal penalties.”(
        A small unmanned aircraft also includes ALL RC aircrafts not just limited to quadcopters.

  3. Now the question is, as law abiding AMA members do we register, or wait until the litigation is settled. It is my hope that the litigation will be in our favor and stop the continued govermental overreach that the FAA is committing. These rules while seemingly well intended (at lest to the uninformed) are fueled by sensational media reports, and unbased claims of danger by the FAA and media. despite the research proving otherwise.
    Here is hoping that the congressional exemption and common sense will prevail.

    1. Much like with firearms, I will never register my aircraft. I have been a member of this organization for many years and the feds will have to pry the radio from my cold, dead hands. I’d suggest that the AMA take a stand and refuse to support this registration. We members will have to decide for ourselves, but not me.

      1. Im with you Geof. This is your liberal tax dollars at work. I don’t think the AMA has done enough either. They play both sides of the table just like politicians. I am sick and tired of this sort of thinking and that’s why you see Trump heading for the White House people are tired of it all. No one has any guts anymore to stand up and are afraid of the PC police. I for one am not and never will be.

        1. How about we get Hobbico to quit advertising “Drone headquarters’ on our AMA site too….talk about bad taste.

        2. Geof,and JJ, well stated. Just after posting my comment I receieved an AMA email stating ALL RC aircraft are required to register. This is a situation that was created by DRONES. Period. Registration cannot and will not fix stupidity.

          1. Drones are RC Aircraft, the ONLY difference is the new “Drones” can be stabilized, so easier to fly than Heliocopters, which HAVE been around for decades. Why weren’t you whining then?

        3. If this rule covers ALL RC craft – and, without specifics, but based on tone, it sounds like it does – the problem for us law-biding, fly at an AMA-approved field members, it’s easy for law enforcement to pull up to the field, ask for all aircraft registrations and write tickets to those that can’t produce the regs. Now, try findging the Brooklyn nincompoops who are flying their quads near Kennedy – good luck with that.

          1. It covers ALL remotely controlled aircraft, INCLUDING control line, if it weighs 9 ounces or more and is flown outdoors. So if you fly exclusively free flight, you don’t have to register. As ever pilots, the FAA considers us “aviators.” How about that!!

        4. J.J. How many times have you made an appointment, as I have to speak to your local senator or representative? How much headway do you think you will make if you speak to them with your attitude.

          How long would you last before they rightfully threw you out of their office. Instead of bad mouthing the people who represent your interests in Washington why don’t you have a little respect for the difficult job they have to do.

      2. I had to suffer an airline career under the FAA’s eye, now I’m flying models and they’re back. AMA, your fight was weak, you let the government take you. Since 1936 this has been a well organized, well run operation with individual clubs enforcing laws. And, it works. Now we need feds? I don’t think so. AMA needs to get on the ball and squash this.

        1. I can’t wait for the day when a Fed shows up to the field and “rides my jumpseat” to give me a proficiency checkride. That’ll be next.

          1. Exactly and for me I am a commercial pilot who enjoys flying RC planes as much as real flying and then some. I like flying rc planes more than I like real flying. There making us register a half pound piece of foam. What Idiots! That is not going to stop anything. There just making the matter worse. When we register our foamies…. talk about invasion of privacy (Fourth Amendment). And they get on to us for flying our quads to look at scenery and they tell us were spying on people.. Guys wake up and smell the coffee! We need to do something if we wanna keep this hobby alive!!

      3. Geof.
        I am with you.
        California made a regulation for assault rifles. They must be registered. Guess what ? Only 13% of the owners complied.
        Might happen with this FAA grab.

      4. The FAA doesn’t even show up for a full size crash unless someone is killed. How are they going to find all the people who fly on private property all over the country? This is a joke and I am not going to comply. N numbers on a model is the most asinine thing I have ever heard of.

        1. I own numerous aircraft including a couple of 50-60cc giants. I’ve been involved with model aviation for decades and have caused no injuries nor have I cost anyone but myself in terms of property loss. I will be registering NOTHING. Come get me.

    2. The problem with your statement “Here is hoping that the congressional exemption and common sense will prevail” is that there is no common sense in our government…what you have are a bunch of boobs who know nothing of our hobby and are making a decision based on biased and the lying media. Leave it to the idiots to penalize the thousands of flyers that actually follow the established rules rather than penalize the other idiots that think that the rules don’t apply to them.

    3. Bad news, buddy, you’re not ‘law abiding’ as much as you think you might try. By dinnertime most Americans have unknowingly committed at least three felonies. There are no more innocent citizens anymore. Now our hobby is regulated by the federal government. Does it look like it’s going to get any better?

  4. I will register because I am not going to let it keep me from flying but I want to see the FAA tell us straight up how this is going to tell THEM who is flying in a unauthorized area especially when that person is NOT registered .. NO BS just answer that question
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    Gary Mount
    Gary Mount Unless the manufacture encodes the chip that is in every multirotor and then they know every store ,gas station and anyone else that sales them reports that sales they are never going to know enless they catch the pilot in the act.
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    1. The idea is if they pick up a aircraft, it will have a number on it, and that number will lead them to YOU.

      1. the problem is, the people doing stupid stuff WON’T REGISTER IN THE FIRST PLACE. So they find a quad that crashed into some building and fell and hit someone, no markings. Pilot obviously ditches the scene quickly, or was operating remotely via FPV, now what? Those of us who are law abiding people with common sense are taxed, and those who break the laws and act irresponsibly aren’t effected. Its a complete waste of our time and our money with NO benefits.

  5. More Government intervention that places additional burdens on those of us that obey the rules. Do we really believe that all the careless individuals or those that wish to do someone or something harm will register their drones? This is an absolute slap in the face to AMA to disregard all the effort they have provided for years to provide a safe hobby environment. I live 20 miles from the nearest airport (uncontrolled) and the nearest neighbor is 3 miles away yet I have to register my model aircraft. What next?

  6. If you do not get this overturned then I for one want my dues money back. You have sat back and watched this happen.
    I will also make sure to try and get every club member to not renew their dues for the same reason.
    You have utterly failed us.

    1. Being an AMA member could actually turn into a liability here. If the FAA were successful in getting a subpoena for the AMA member list they would instantly have the name and address of all 185000 members whether they choose to registered or not.

      1. I completely agree. Not to mention the GPS coordinates of all flying sites to allow for the easy harassment at AMA flying fields.

        All this, not to mention the possible quadcopter junk mail that will be sent to all registered pilots. Does the registering company have links to the quadcopter/drone businesses?

        1. OR … AMA management could just hand over the member list to the FAA
          then it would be easy to do a cross-check to identify which AMA members havedn’t registered

    2. Read the FAA’s Interpretation of the Special Rule for Model Aircraft carefully. []

      In it it states “…the aircraft is operated in accordance with a community-based set of safety guidelines and within the programming of a nationwide community-based organization;”

      What does it mean to “operate within the programming”?

      I have contacted AMA leadership about this issue, and asking them where is their free membership option in order to abide by their “programming,” but no response.

      From the outside looking it it looks like the AMA lobbied Congress to mandate that people join a community-based organization in order to fly their model aircraft. And so far only the AMA and the AUVSI (for commercial operators) are the only two community-based orgs featured in the FAA B4UFLY campaign. Both have exorbitant user fees. For what? It looks like the AMA just wants to increase it’s own membership & membership revenue. And the FAA wants another $5 every 3 years.

      I have a professioal pilot’s license so I know how to fly responsibly. I also don’t like the fact that now this model aircraft toy could to an FAA enforcement acton on my professional certificate. But of course I will fly responsibly so that’s less of an issue.


      1. Hi Anon. Like most entities, we only have a limited number of resources – our apologies for not responding. We are trying to answer as many questions as possible with our HQ staff and volunteers.

        You are correct, we did work with Congress to write into law protections for the modeling community. I want to be very clear, our goal was never to leverage the Federal government to build membership. Our intent was to protect the modeling community from FAA regulation.

        Most model pilots, whether an AMA member or not, intend to fly safely. Unfortunately there are some uneducated pilots doing unsafe operations, therefore Congress is only willing to grant exemptions to pilots who operate under an established set of community-based safety rules.

        We do offer free membership for youth 19 and under, but at this time we do not offer a free open membership to the general public. We would not be able to sustain our operations (insurance, advocacy work, preservation in the museum, education, competitions, youth programs, etc…) if we gave our membership away for free.

    1. In my view they are. However FAA’s interpretation it is not. The FAA thinks it can modify laws meaning to man what they need.

  7. Is the AMA going to sue? Please let me know soon, because if the answer is no, I will quit the AMA.

  8. I wonder what they will be doing with the 9,000,000 dollars in registration fees… well more then 9,000,000 dollars … since all flyers are not AMA members it will be more then that.

    Will this be an yearly fee?

    1. This will not be a yearly fee, rather every three years ($5). I too wonder what will be done with all the money collected.

      1. It will fund FAA surveillance and more rule making if and when a “drone” actually hits an aircraft, such as UAS maintenenace and inspection programs, pilot training/certification, airfield certification, etc.

    2. The registration & thus the $5 fee must be replenished every 3 years. It sounds like this is a fee per registration of each individual UAV, not a per pilot fee.

    3. After reading through some of the regulation, operator registration will be good for three years.

  9. What does this mean for Contest Directors? Will we now be required to verify that pilots at AMA sanctioned events have registered with the FAA, and prohibit them from flying if they haven’t? What about club liability?


    1. At this time we will only be concerned with their AMA membership. It will be up to the individual to be FAA compliant.

        1. The problem is the “insurance provider” is really your own individual homeowners insurance. People need to read and understand carefully any insurance provided by AMA is secondary and not primary.

  10. So I’m confused do we have to register for our model airplanes or is this just for quad copters?

    1. Robert, you’re not paying attention. EVERYTHING over 250grams. There is NO DIFFERENCE in the eyes of the FAA between a model airplane and a UAV.

    2. From the FAQ, if it flies, and weighs more than a half a pound, then it must be registered. Planes, choppers, probably my larger rockets. Heck, I have a kite that weighs more than half a pound.

      1. Read the UAS Registry Q&A at

        “Paper airplanes, toy balloons, Frisbees, and similar items are not connected to such control system.” hence they do not need to be registered.

        So deciding whether to register a kite depends whether your kite includes

        “An “unmanned aircraft system” includes the communication links and components that control the small unmanned aircraft along with all of the other elements needed to safely operate the drone.”

        or if your kite is more analogous to a toy balloon, which does not need to be registered.

  11. Legislators make rules. It is what they do. It is what they are. It is in their nature. If this were not so, then they would not be legislators. It is the responsibility of those who are ruled to resist rules that are not founded on common sense or practical reality, or are just plain idiotic. If we do not then we be enslaved by the legislators. Civilization has not changed in 3000 years. It just looks different.

  12. The AMA response does not clearly indicate the AMA’s position on whether AMA members should register ASAP, or wait for outcomes of litigation or other AMA actions.

    In addition, it is unclear in the FAA rule press release what the impact will be on foreign participation in AMA events. This includes Canadians, Mexicans, and many others expected to compete in upcoming events. it is not clear if these will be able to utilize the web system or will have to register ownership through the paper process.

    Overall, this outcome is a very disappointing result after months of effort by AMA and members to limit the impact against traditional aeromodeling.

    I ma certainly hoping that AMA clearly outlines further actions they will take, as well as clearly define what steps we as members must take to fly in the new year.

    Will it be the CD’s responsibility to verify FAA registration at AMA events?

    1. It is made clear on their FAQ page that this will only be available to US citizens, so for the time being, they will tell you that any non-US-citizen cannot fly UAS.

      1. AMA has working agreements with neighboring countries, such as Canada. I regularly participate in contests with pilots from Canada, Mexico, and other countries. Contests start in January and February. We MUST have a way to deal with non-citizens.

      2. Actually, the rule does contain provisions providing for non-us citizens to register using the process if their home country does not have a similar registration. According to the rule, for model use, they will be able to register.

    2. We are reviewing the details and are talking with the FAA and other entities. We will have details soon.

  13. Well, let’s use this to our advantage. The FAA has now said that we are “aircraft”.

    If we are “aircraft”, then the federal preemption on aircraft regulation applies to us as well. Those egregious county and city ordinances banning RC flight? Null and void, preempted by federal law.

    The registration thing is a double edged sword. If we’re going to have to live with the hassle of registration, marking, and making sure we have our certificates when we fly, then we need to hold the FAA to the law with regard to preemption, etc.

    1. That also means RC aircraft would be subject to 14 CFR Part 91, as 91.1 specifically exempts only unmanned rockets, unmanned free balloons, and ultralights (which 103.1 specifically states are manned craft), and they would thus be subject to things such as the minimum safe altitude law, which requires a minimum altitude of 500 feet except over open water or sparsely populated areas, in which case the aircraft may not be operated closer than 500 feet to any person, vessel, vehicle, or structure, unless an altitude lower than that is required for takeoff or landing.

      But the FAA also says we can’t fly RC aircraft higher than 400 feet, so I guess that means we just can’t fly them at all, unless the only people around are required crewmembers.

      Someone please convince me I’m wrong.

      1. oh I completely agree with you! I fly real planes and to see them attack this wonderful hobby ticks me off to no end. I know a lot of guys that wish they could fly real planes and they cant due to medical reasons and financial reasons so they picked this hobby as an alternative. When I was in highschool.. I went to the rc field a lot more than I went to parties getting drunk and doing stupid stuff. In fact, I never been to a party that involved drinking or girls or whatever. I had no desire for any of that. In the long run it kept me from making bad decisions. It also helped me tremendously in my career as a pilot. We need to protest this..

    2. Good point but local law makers will still try and ban flight. They will not read or ignore the fact that the FAA now classifies RC aircraft as aircraft..

    3. Not to mention, it is a federal mandate to investigate any accident involving an “aircraft”. Imagine the can of worms that could be opened there. Call the NTSB, I just nosed in my 2 meter sailplane!

  14. Any man who thinks he can be happy  and prosperous by letting the
    Government take care of him; better take a  closer look at the American Indian,we just got dumped on for more money.

  15. This is honestly unbelievable. How have we fallen so far as a society? This is yet one more symptom of a government that will not and seemingly cannot relinquish control of citizens’ personal liberties. I’m sad for our future and the future of our children. They will never know a world where we are free to act according to our own good conscience without the firm hand of big brother holding us in place.

  16. Years ago the FAA in-acted “Part 103” which was to govern ultralight aircraft. I knew of several individuals that flew unlicensed ultralight aircraft that were over the 254 weight limit, flew faster than the prescribed 62 MPH, or carried 2 people or more than 5 gallons of gas. All these things prohibited by part 103. The FAA couldn’t regulate part 103 then (or now) how are they going to regulate a couple hundred thousand model airplanes?

  17. OK, I want to register 1000 aircraft to be built by kit or scratch. Right now. Without the fee. That should cover me for the rest of my life….

    1. After talking with the FAA this morning, it was determined that AMA members are not required to register each aircraft. AMA members only have to register his or herself.

        1. In our meetings with the FAA, they stated that the AMA is protected as a community based organization and only has to list name, address, and email. Otherwise pilots will have to also register make, model, and serial numbers. The FAA is in the process of building the registration system, so things are evolving and they may change their stand.

          1. The FAA sUAS registry did not ask me to register make, model, and serial numbers.

            Just register myself as an operator.

            There was a big SNAFU getting the $5 rebate, but after 3 weeks it’s rebated back to me now.

      1. I didn’t see an exemption in the rule specifically for AMA members. All modelers are allowed to register “themselves” to own (possess?) as many qualifying models as they wish.

        So it’s not the “aircraft” that are being registered, but in reality the operator? Hmmm, sounds like the FAA is putting this in the wrong Part of the FARs. Maybe it should have been under airman certification? (14 CFR Part 61)
        An “sUAS” rating?

        1. The exemption falls under the 2012 Special Rule for Model Aircraft under Section 336. The registration process is moving quickly, but we were told on Monday, December 14 directly by the FAA that AMA members per Section 336 are exempt from listing multiple aircraft.

      2. Chad, lets not forget that the registration number must appear on every one of our models which keeps us responsible for that model even after transfer to another person. Please read the FAA ruling again then correct me if I’m wrong because, I really want to be wrong!
        Ron S.

    2. You still have to pay the $5 then you will get a refund.. Then you have to renew every 3 years.. But I believe the commenter is right,, you can register a fleet for $5 Although it is not really clear to me after reading the FAQs.

      1. The $5 refund expires soon. The FAA web site states
        “Register before midnight EST, January 20th, 2016 and your $5 registration fee will be refunded!”

        And the credit card processing company screwed up the refund for me. But now it’s properly refunded after I contacted several of the relevant parties several times. What a waste of time!

        And to believe I have to re-register and pay again in 2018!!!!!

  18. It has not been explicitly stated anywhere that I have seen, but all of the regulations keep referring to “Drones”. Does this new regulation only apply do Multirotor type models, which the uninformed refer to as “Drones”, or does this new rule apply to all radio controlled model aircraft including powered aircraft, gliders and helicopters?

    1. It applies to ALL R/C model aircraft weighing more than .55 lbs.. Even Gliders that do not have a motor. And you have to renew every 3 years.

  19. There are numerous valid concerns/comments by us AMA members. Too many to list. AMA members are not the problem; the record shows that much. I am certain AMA leadership has been involved and must be quite disappointed with all this. We have a lot of upcoming events that attract international modelers. That issue alone has got to be addressed ASAP. Our hobby is supposed to attract interest, not chase it away.

  20. I am very saddened by this sudden and ruthless move by the FAA/DOT. After reading through the quite lengthy rules document it is apparent to me that the AMA was steamrolled, treated dismissively and perhaps even with contempt. Commercial and industry-based DRONE organizations and companies, including Google and Amazon, among many others are dominant in SUPPORTING the FAAs requirements, WITHOUT regard to traditional model aircraft and their clear and distinct differences from the DRONEs everyone is so concerned about. This was done despite the FAA Reform act which prohibited any regulations affecting model aircraft. I’m failing to find words to describe how this changes my view of the world, our country, and government. Nothing is safe from the grips of the government. I believe it won’t be long before even constitutionally protected rights are being infringed (more than they are now already).

  21. What a load. This registration has to be visible or accessible without tools? They have no clue what it is we really do. All I can think of is making it as tiny as possible.

  22. just a way for lazy people to generate money without doing anything. the government is unnecessarily scaring the public in support of there propaganda. this does nothing but hurt us the hobbyist

  23. I read all the FAQs, and listened to the conference call. And I still can’t get a straight answer about the “400 ft altitude limit”. Is that only within 5 miles of an airport, or EVERYWHERE? If the latter, then that will effectively kill the sailplane side of the hobby, since there’s no practical way to catch thermals and stay below 400ft.

    1. It’s everywhere, you now can’t fly higher than 400 feet AGL.

      The 5 nautical mile notification requirement is to notify any airport AND air traffic control tower within five nautical miles prior to your flight.

      Take a look at the FAA B4UFLY iOS & Android mobile application….for someone living in the middle of the SoCal Los Angeles area, they would have to notify 22 airports (most of them helicopter pads) and also the associated ATC towers before flying an RC in their backyard.

  24. AMA, please take a stronger stance and fight aggressively against this illegal requirement. It is clearly violating Section 336, yet the FAA is announcing it as Federal Law.

    1. The FAA isn’t in the position to make ANY law. Only Congress has that AUTHORITY! Let the FAA fine you and put you in jail. When they do, go get a lawyer and Sue the hell out of them for false arrest and violating your Civil Rights, that includes your pursuit of happiness. It’s already a LAW that the FAA, DOT, NTSB or anyone or anything can NOT make ANY RULES or regulations on rc model aircraft. Any good lawyer and Federal judge will definitely rule in your favor. The only way they are going to enforce this crap is if you let them. DONT COMPLY and DONT register.PERIOD!!! If we ALL stand together, we will prevail! Stop letting the government DICTATE you and violate your RIGHTS!!!

  25. Please let the FAA know that I feel this once again is another government overreach !
    Please fight them!!!
    Our rights and freedoms are being encroached upon everyday under the Obama administration!
    I have been an AMA member since 1964.

    I am madder than hell about this and won’t take it anymore!!!

    I pay my dues every year, so do something about it!
    I am going to contact my state and federal representatives and give them a piece of my thoughts on this!

    Edward DeBolt AMA 16189

  26. Well I for one wish someone at AMA would give us a definite sign up or not because dec. 21st is next week. I will comply with the law because I am a law abiding citizen but I defiantly a lot of bull. Will we have to comply with FAA aircraft inspections as well? Next thing you know we will not even be allowed to own and fly or birds with out a special pilots license.

  27. The best thing to do is follow this new rule. Compliance is not difficult. At the same time, we should support the AMA’s efforts to continue with the litigation in court. We must make sure that the FAA’s earlier interpretation of model aircraft rules is modified so that model aviation is not hurt by items such as very strict definitions of commercial model aircraft flight. We must stand strong for continuing the basic rights of model aircraft flyers and experimenters.

    Nickolaus E. Leggett, Analyst and Inventor

  28. From what I read on the FAA website it looks like it may be possible to register a fleet of aircraft with one registration number but the part that is not clear is if that is $5 for each aircraft Or $5 for all of them.. Then you have to renew every three years.. Costing even more money. This really stinks. Why don’t they just let us register and get 1 registration number to use on all our aircraft.. Sort of like ham radio, I register and get a callsign then I can use all the ham radios I want at no extra charge.

    1. What this regulation is doing IS licensing YOU. Not really your fifteen models. The FAA is watching YOU.
      And yes, I see a practical test in the future. Part 61 & 91.
      CFR Code of Federal Regulations.
      Get your Private model airplane license for only $900.
      Commercial ad on for another $1800.
      Get paid while flying your UAV..
      Do you know that many farmers in the USA who fly off their own grass strips have NEVER had a Pilots license.?

    2. the 5 dollar fee is for all aircraft in your hanger. The registration will produce a number that can be applied to all aircraft…much like your AMA number.

  29. I don’t get it. Are they saying my RC planes are “drones”? I disagree heartily. I’m not paying them $5 every time I get a new plane if that’s what they want. This is very unclear but fortunately nearly also completely unenforceable.

    1. From the UAS Registration FAQs at the FAA website:

      Q. If I own multiple drones, do I have to register them all?
      A. No. You may register once and apply the same registration number to all your UAS.

    2. According to the FAA, any pilot who flies an aircraft over 250 grams and is controlled by a ground system like a transmitter is required to register. This includes fixed wing aircraft.

      1. The problem with this legislation is it is registering individuals, NOT Rc planes. Hummmm

    3. Yeah, just got the email from AMA explaining this. Sooo lame they want us to register planes. I really don’t see how they can ever enforce this. Seems like rules being made just to have rules without regards to practicality.

  30. Just to clarify, it’s one registration per person. Yes, AMA
    must back us on this one. Our AMA membership should suffice as compliance.

  31. Enforcement left to the same entities that can’t stop illegal immigration, keep drugs, gangs, guns, prostitutes, and impaired drivers off our streets…Come get me.

  32. I am so mad I could spit! Why can’t my AMA number be my registration as a CBO ? AMA needs to fight this BS- I have no issue with one time registration- but I want my AMA number , not some garbage FAA number- and I am not going to “carry my papers”! requiring papers to be on you is unconstitutional and smacks of DICTATORSHIP- not happening on my watch – we need to get our congress people to put a leash on these UN-ELECTED officials.

    1. We had a conversation with the FAA this morning. They expressed interest in using AMA numbers as a pilot’s registration number. The FAA may not be able to build that feature in the registration process by December 21, but will work with the AMA to explore options to integrate AMA number.

      1. I hope they can figure something out before the mandatory date because I have no problem using my AMA number (all my aircraft are already marked)

      2. But I think it’s important to note to members that ultimately the FAA controls the number. They discuss the reason for this in detail on page 131 of the Interim Final Rule published today. Folks may be able to use their AMA number if that number has not already been issued by the FAA. For example, if I’m AMA number 2345, and 2345 is available in the FAA database when I register, then I suppose they can create a way that I can have it. However, if my AMA number is 23456, and FAA has already issued it to the 2,345th person to register, then my number is not available, and thus I have to use the number issued by the FAA.

      3. If we register early to get the refund, will our new registration number be able to be changed to AMA number when that feature is added? Or do we hold off on registering?

        Also, what are Scale pilots supposed to do? Normally AMA number inside the plane was OK, but now need to get to it without tools?

        1. The FAA’s IT doesn’t have a solution yet. If the AMA number system isn’t place by December 21st, you may have to log in later to modify your FAA number to match your AMA number.

          1. AMA should not willingly assist the government with their registration regulations – you know, the same way certain cities/states do not assist the government with illegal immigration.

          2. Wow and the sheeps only worry is what number he gets, forced registration for everyone in the hobby is fine but I have to change numbers, unthinkable!

          3. Do you guys at AMA think I/we are really concerned whether or not our AMA number matches an FAA number. I also do not want AMA automatically registering me with anything much less the FAA!!!!!

        2. The FAA website says the number can be inside the airplane as long as it can be viewed without disassembly that requires tools. Electrics could be on inside of battery hatch, etc.

      4. The problem of database registration would still exist I think Chad. I’m sure if AMA registration could suffice for drone registration, then the AMA would have to make the entire membership database available to the FAA. I don’t care about the $5 registration fee, but I certainly care about my personal information in the hands of the FAA and an undisclosed 3rd party firm. Sorry, I just don’t believe that the government and whatever private contractors they hire will be able to keep my information private and only used for legitimate purposes. Just too many instances of data breaches with government and private contractors for me to believe this time they will protect my personal data. And the data breaches we hear about are only the tip of the iceberg for the breaches that are actually occurring.

      5. I like the AMA idea but,,,, there are zillions of modelers who are not near AMA clubs and just fly on dirt strips out on the farm.
        Not every flyer is AMA….

  33. If you guys would actually read the ruling: Of course that might be too much to ask.

    1: If you own 1000 RC aircraft than you only do it once and you put it on all of the aircraft. If you don’t even fly them you don’t have to do it; only if you fly outdoors in the NAS.

    2: its free now but it will be 5 dollars late (yes they charge your credit card but you get refunded)

    Sorry but you can’t make the same argument that General Aviation airplane although for hobbyist reason doesn’t deserve the same regulations as other similar sized aircraft. The ones that are causing all the problems are the hobbyists (although probably not AMA members); not commercial enterprises

    1. I beg to differ that the problems are not hobbyists but those that go buy a drone quad and don’t give it a second thought about the dangers or repercussions of flying irresponsibly. True hobbyists would get training and or join a club before cranking up an RC aircraft no matter what the size or weight of the aircraft.
      What prevents some joker from placing some arbitrary number on a Drone and crashing it into something or someone? Maybe they use my number. It is an absolutely unenforceable law except for those that are already acting responsibly. I can see it now. My 6 pound J3 Cub RC being seized in a raid because it did not have the proper ID number on it. Just more government intrusion.

  34. I believe the FAA (DOT-Fed etc.) is going ahead with registration because it was their plan all along. All of the meetings with the AMA and other hobby groups were just procedure and window dressing. Any time the government can find a way to regulate and profit from the people it will and those that disagree with that regulation will not be heard. It is out of fear that the government places this regulation on us. So we should remember this old saying: “We must fear the government that fears it’s people!”

  35. All I can say is I will not register 24 airplanes !!!! plain and simple the FAA
    has gone to far

    1. We spoke with the FAA this morning and discussed these concerns. After the conversation it was determined the AMA members do not have to register each aircraft. You only need to register yourself.

      1. “We spoke with the FAA this morning and discussed these concerns. After the conversation it was determined the AMA members do not have to register each aircraft. You only need to register yourself”.

        So, if one is NOT a member of the AMA, you WILL have to register each aircraft? Sounds like if I want to have just one number for all my aircraft, I HAVE to join the AMA.

      2. This is the most retarted thing I have every seen….. I will be calling in when I see little Jimmy and Timmy outside playing with their Quads, or anyone else playing with there, I with crash the system… Why, Because this is GOVERMENT at it most STUPID

      3. Stop making it sound like AMA members are special. (You’ve said it several times in this thread). ANYONE that registers only has to register, essentially, themselves. They can use the reg number on all their aircraft for the one fee of $5 a year. Not having to register each aircraft has nothing to do with being an AMA member.

  36. I have been telling people this was coming for sometime. It is the same as gun control. The government puts rules in place that are not needed restricting those who already follow the law. It will not change the actions of those who do not. If they are looking at helping those who do not know then maybe they should be subsidizing included basic flying rules with each new model, some manufactures already do this. This is once again about control not safety and “We the People” need to start waking up and understanding that.

  37. “Toy airplanes are hereby declared illegal, immoral, unlawful, AND anyone found with a toy airplane in his possession will be placed under arrest and thrown in the dungeon.”
    — Burgermeister Meisterburger

    1. There will be no fun in Sombertown! Yep, that about sizes it up. I’m going to start a gun collection hobby now instead. I hear that’s a fun hobby.

  38. I’ve had a ham radio license for many years. And have been OK.

    I wish they would have gone for licensure instead of registration, then we would have some protection against State and Local governments trying to preempt a federal regulation.

    What I hope comes out of any AMA response to registration is an exemption similar to, but stronger than PRB-1, for Hams, that states that local governments must reasonably accommodate amateur operations, but they may still zone for height, safety and aesthetics concerns.

    If we are truly flying “aircraft” in the National Airspace System… then the FAA regulations should preempt all State and Local regulations.

    But, there I go, expecting the FAA to protect the public interest and not the commercial operators.

  39. If they are forcing us to register then what is the point of the AMA? The AMA lost this fight for everyone. I don’t see any of these new fliers registering with the ama. The AMA is so behind the scene it’s laughable. The AMA didn’t keep up with growing times on anything FPV or “Drones” at all. It’s like the old days when helicopter guys wanted to fly and the AMA fought that too. AMA should have fought to include this growing segment long before it got out of control. The growing field of new pilots don’t go to AMA fields to fly! Most AMA fields don’t welcome fpv or drones. Sad to say it but this is the fault of the old AMA members. Too stuck in your old ways and not accepting of anything new. Now the AMA has a declining membership that is missing out on new and eager members. You also have nerves increasing membership rates as well.

  40. I would ask that the AMA please attempt to obtain an injunction against this process for AMA members. Then, proceed with litigation to compel the FAA to abide by the law. The FAA to me appears to be in violation of law. The FAA stating that it is not, does not make it so. The intent of the law was very clear to the people involved in the process at the time. It was intended to protect responsible model aviation community from the overreach of the FAA.

    The FAA did not in good faith entertain the inputs of the AMA on this matter and should not be allowed to proceed unchallenged.

    If the AMA cannot obtain relief from this overreach by the FAA for their members, I will of course be required to comply, but I will certainly think less of my elected representation.

    I will be writing my congressional representatives expressing my disapproval of the actions of the FAA with respect to the long cherished model aviation tradition.

    1. The FAA position is this is NOT a new regulation – they have had the authority to REGISTER aircraft since forever, and they are now including models. Thus, they aren’t going against the 2012 law. Personally, I think it is BS!!

    2. It would be helpful to have a template of a letter to congressional reps for more of us to express our displeasure. Would you be willing to share yours?

  41. How many of you have contacted your congressional representative yet? Do not leave your computer until you voice your feelings to them and ask for help! Also, do not use any physical delivery system, only digital. Otherwise they will never see your note.

  42. According to the FAA, any pilot who flies an aircraft over 250 grams and less than 55 lbs AND is controlled by a ground system is required to register.
    That leaves free flight out of these regulations- no?

    1. Correct, in most cases FF are exempt unless you use a transmitter for power take off or guidance.

      1. FF is exempt? Does this mean autonomous “drone” operators don’t need to register. Many new drones can be operated in FF mode with no control from the ground.

      2. Our FSDO here in Little Rock will tell you that this ruling pertains to ALL MODEL AIRCRAFT THAT FLY. Including tethered aircraft…Control line. FF is not exempt.

      3. that’s stupid. think about it.. what’s safer? An airplane that is controlled on the ground or a free flying airplane that is not controlled at all and can do whatever it wants?? You cant tell me a free flight airplane is safer than one that has a transmitter that is controlled.

  43. Why hasn’t Bob Brown or another AMA representative been on television every night speaking for us?

    1. Today we have been a part of back to back interviews with media outlets including the Associated Press, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Reuters, Time, NBC News, Politico, Fox News, NPR, CBS News, and more.

      1. I’m glad to know the AMA has been active in the media today, but maybe it would have been more productive if the public had been exposed to the views of the AMA over the last year. With “drones” being such a hot topic, I’m disappointed that I haven’t seen Bob Brown’s face on a major news show.


      3. As anyone who’s flown at the AMA site in Muncie knows, there’s an active General Aviation airport adjoining the South border of the field. THEY don’t have problems with model aircraft!

  44. Why isn’t someone suing the FAA over this obvious violation of The Special Rule for Model Aircraft in the FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012? Are you telling me the AMA doesn’t have lawyers on retainer that could do it?

    1. My sentiments exactly as well. All I can say is, I’m NOT registering and I’m not doing a damned thing but fly my airplanes like I always have, RIGHTFULLY, SAFELY and LEGALLY!!! To Hell with this nonsense. My legal right to do so has already been written into LAW by CONGRESS!! CONGRESS makes the LAW, NOT the FAA!!!

  45. The only people who will comply with this regulation are law abiding citizens. People inclined to break the law are not going to register. Just how does the FAA propose to catch those individuals who don’t register and how is this registration supposed to make us all safer?

    1. As soon as we register, can we fly or are there other hoops we have to jump through for the FAA geniuses?

  46. Welcome to the world of Government by the Government and not the people. This same fight has been going on over firearms, off road vehicles and has now tricked down to RC hobbyist. I am sure it is not the last we see from Big Brother. 🙁 Very SAD.

  47. I’m a former AMA member who recently received an indoor quad copter as a gift from my son. Prior, we learned how to fly at a local club and enjoyed every moment for five years. Now, I have an outdoor quad copter with all the bells and whistles. I disagree with the ruling as it impacts pilots who are under the umbrella of an AMA sanctioned flying club. However, as a reborn “fly on your own pilot” like me, I totally agree with the ruling.

    My rationale is this. After getting very comfortable with flying in my backyard, I went to a local recreation area for more room. During that flight, someone showed up and put up a stunt plane. With no regard of surroundings, that plane came right at my flight station, twice! I packed up and tried another field. Go figure, there is a guy in the empty parking lot entrance, flying a trainer. And sure enough, he hit the car following me into the park area. This is exactly where things need to become regulated.

    Schedule does not permit me to drive up to my former club. However, I am asking permission to fly at various sites, explain what I am doing, and by all means educated myself on the rules and how to operate my quad. I also use Google earth and Airmaps to ensure the flight area is as safe as possible.

    The ‘off the shelf” pilots will require a lot of education for sure. Good luck to all.

  48. How does this affect non-citizens visiting the United States who want to fly? The way I read these regulations means that only citizens or foreign nationals with *permanent residency* may register. This could effectively make almost all international competitions illegal in the US.

    1. We are seeking clarification on this. We have received mixed messages from the FAA. There may be protections under Section 336 that we can leverage. Stay tuned.

  49. Quick question about these new regulations: Can someone who is in the US on an H1B visa still fly their RC plane? Can that person register their RC plane?

  50. Who is the rocket surgeon at AMA that thought cooperating with an agency trying to regulate a hobby was a good idea?

    Were their examples of previous fed involvement in ANYTHING that made you thought it was a good idea?

    Everyone on the train!

    1. Yes, we are disappointed by this registration process. It is overly burdensome.

      Yet we are still working on the issue and there are many other victories within the past couple years made by the AMA. Without your membership helping the AMA turbine jets would be grounded, under no circumstance could pilots fly over 400′ devastating the sailplane community, giant scale aircraft would not be permitted to fly, many flying fields near airports would be forced to close, communities such as Albany NY would have been successful in their attempts to ground all model aircraft.

  51. From what I’ve read at the FAA sites, us fixed wing modelers also face registration. However, in reading several news articles and watching reports on the tv news, there is very little mention about us fixed wing flyers. NBC did report AMA’s unhappiness with the FAA and briefly interview a presumed AMA member, but he was flying a ‘drone’. Somehow, we’ve got to get the word out that this action, the consequence of the irresponsible ‘drone’ pilots, affects us fixed wingers, too. In the meantime, I’ll pay my refundable $5 fee and get out a Sharpie and write the number somewhere on my fleet of gliders. I just hope the number doesn’t have too many digits…

  52. Does anyone really believe all the masses buying cheap multi rotor systems are going to register? Does anyone really believe that the law abiding membership of the AMA are the problem the FAA is afraid of? Namely terrorist attacks. This is essentially another attempt of the FAA and DOT to make it harder for the folks who obey the laws to enjoy flying line of sight airplanes! It is exactly like gun control! Today millions of gun owners did NOT shoot anyone or break the law. Today thousands of AMA members did not commit any crime by flying their chosen airplane. Part of the problem is going along with and allowing multi rotor to be known and labeled drones! The bigger part of the problem is letting multi rotor in under the umbrella of the AMA! FPV is problematic unless it uses radios and receivers that are limited by range similar to line of sight for model airplanes and heli’s. Unless the AMA has an effective education and mentoring requirement attached to AMA membership requirements, we will continue to see more restrictions related to multi rotor (drone) operation which will spill over to line of sight airplanes.

  53. For those blaming the AMA, its clear from the comments and discussion published in the Federal Register that the AMA put up a very good fight – the FAA just ignored them. The next step is going to require lawyers and filings in District Court under the Administrative Procedures Act, and convince a judge that the FAA acted “arbitrarily and capriciously,” That is going to take time and money, and I hope the AMA leads the charge.


  54. While I have no problem registering since I fly at my A.M.A club field, I am concerned about the possibility of anyone stealing or using my number and placing it on their aircraft do something reckless and then all of a sudden now the government is coming after me. What safety protocols are being set to protect or prove identity in a situation like this? How do you prove who is really who if you don’t register each and every aircraft you own, and how do you stop this from happening if the government cant even stop identity theft let alone care about who they really need to hold accountable. What is the A.M.A going to do to protect me know that by registering I might be in theory putting myself at risk now?

  55. I’m glad to know the AMA has been active in the media today, but maybe it would have been more productive if the public had been exposed to the views of the AMA over the last year. With “drones” being such a hot topic, I’m disappointed that I haven’t seen Bob Brown’s face on a major news show.

  56. So, the AMA is “disappointed” that the FAA basically thumbed their noses at Congress and the AMA and enacted regulations that they planned to enact all along? Is that going to be the end of it? The AMA is just going to roll over and shrug their shoulders? If that’s the plan, then I must say that is a most pathetic response. Since control line planes are guided by a “ground-based control system”, do they also fall under this idiotic regulation?

  57. The official reaction of the AMA is to just express disappointment?
    Are you actually doing anything to challenge this?

  58. I copied the special rule for model aircraft below. The relevant section is at the end;

    (2) flown within visual line of sight of the person operating
    the aircraft; and
    (3) flown for hobby or recreational purposes.

    A model aircraft can be any air vehicle, a plane, heli, multi-rotor as long as it was flown eye’s only not FPV (no down-linked onboard camera). But now apparently we have to register even what are model aircraft under the special rule. I’m shocked but not surprised since the AMA has been encouraging owners of the drone air vehicles (UAS) which are often equiped with a downlinked camera and can be flown beyond visual range to be part of AMA…

    PUBLIC LAW 112–95—FEB. 14, 2012


    (a) I N G ENERAL .—Notwithstanding any other provision of law
    relating to the incorporation of unmanned aircraft systems into
    Federal Aviation Administration plans and policies, including this
    subtitle, the Administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration
    may not promulgate any rule or regulation regarding a model
    aircraft, or an aircraft being developed as a model aircraft, if—
    (1) the aircraft is flown strictly for hobby or recreational
    (2) the aircraft is operated in accordance with a community-
    based set of safety guidelines and within the programming
    of a nationwide community-based organization;
    (3) the aircraft is limited to not more than 55 pounds
    unless otherwise certified through a design, construction,
    inspection, flight test, and operational safety program adminis-
    tered by a community-based organization;
    (4) the aircraft is operated in a manner that does not
    interfere with and gives way to any manned aircraft; and
    (5) when flown within 5 miles of an airport, the operator
    of the aircraft provides the airport operator and the airport
    air traffic control tower (when an air traffic facility is located
    at the airport) with prior notice of the operation (model aircraft
    operators flying from a permanent location within 5 miles of
    an airport should establish a mutually-agreed upon operating
    procedure with the airport operator and the airport air traffic
    control tower (when an air traffic facility is located at the

    (b) S TATUTORY C ONSTRUCTION .—Nothing in this section shall
    be construed to limit the authority of the Administrator to pursue
    enforcement action against persons operating model aircraft who
    endanger the safety of the national airspace system.
    (c) M ODEL A IRCRAFT D EFINED .—In this section, the term ‘‘model
    aircraft’’ means an unmanned aircraft that is—
    (1) capable of sustained flight in the atmosphere;
    (2) flown within visual line of sight of the person operating
    the aircraft; and
    (3) flown for hobby or recreational purposes.

  59. Time to contact those deviants that represent us and get them to do something about this:

    Dear Senator/Representative, Please Stop the FAA from Ruining Christmas
    Today, in direct contravention of FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012, the FAA announced a registration of unmanned aircraft systems such as model aircraft and quadcopters larger than 1/2 pound. This required registration has fines of up to $250,000 which again is not a part of the act passed in 2012. This means that can expect the heavy hand of the government harassing children over their Christmas presents in the near future without your help. Registration is “legally” required by February 19, 2016. However the rule applies retroactively, so even someone who operated an model aircraft or quadcopters prior to December 21 must register by the deadline. Anyone purchasing a model aircraft or quadcopters after December 21 must register before the first outdoor flight. Please take action to postpone this regulation. The AMA already has sued the FAA for overstepping their authority. This regulation needs to be postponed so that congress can determine if it is needed and so that the lawsuit can go forward and be adjudicated first.

    The AMA’s statement on the FAA’s Illegal registration rule

    Thank you for your assistance and Merry Christmas,

  60. My initial emotional reaction is “what the heck is the AMA doing to prevent its membership from being ravaged by overreaching government,” but using my brain to compose my thoughts (unlike the vast majority in our inept government), I realize that there’s no fighting these people on this issue. I’m starting to wonder if I’ve lost yet another lifelong hobby due to government over-stepping its bounds.

  61. Chill out boys… register every three years for $5.00, use the same number on all your aircraft fixed wing or otherwise. Man this could have been so much worse. Reading some of these threads one would think we are being invaded by the Russians. Who gives a crap. Just do it and go fly and quit your bitching…

  62. This is just another great example of how our government is so out of Touch. If the problem is drones then make it impossible to get one without registering at the time of purchase. Our past history should be sufficient proof that we are not the problem, but should be part of the solution.

  63. What surprises me is that many were caught off guard by this. It has been coming for months and discussed repeatedly. I am also distressed that many want to blame a type of aircraft, IE multirotors for excessive government over-reaction, instead of the occasional knucklehead operator. I, and over 4000 others, commented on the need to exempt AMA members from redundant registration, and to allow new operators to join the FAA in lieu of federal registration, based on the AMA exceptional safety record. That would have been a win-win for everyone. Apparently the FAA simply wanted to show the AMA who rules the roost around here. So let’s put the blame where it lies, a few rouge newcomers and an overreaching federal agency, and not something with four propellers.

  64. so if it is only ground controlled sounds like i can upgrade my flight controller to be programmed to fly where i want and then just let it fly self controlled and i wont have to give the government anymore of my money. i like that thought.

  65. The “try and catch me” crowd should consider the consequences when Barney Fife shows up demanding your registration (yeah, the FAA sent a point paper to local law enforcement) and when reported to the FAA, they do a “certificate action” and revoke any OTHER airman certificates you might have earned, like your pilot’s license or your A&P. Could affect your bread-and-butter.
    AND another tool for those trying to shut down your field.

  66. Just like gun control, this present effort to control and possibly eliminate anything seen as a dangerous activity by people who know nothing about that activity is being led by government representatives like Sen Diane Feinstein. I can’t believe that control line flying is included because “the aircraft is controlled by a ground-based device”…. the absolute pinnacle of insanity. We ALL need to write to our elected officials and make some extremely pointed comments on their lack of concern for their constituents opinions and rights. I think the AMA worked hard on this but NOT hard enough, evidenced by how callously we’ve been treated by the FAA. The best solution at this point seems to be “Follow the money” in that it’s the almighty dollar that influences Congress and gov’t agencies. The model avaiation industry will have to go it alone from here as our representatives are only going to listen to the economic part of this. I just can’t get my mind around facing a several thousand dollar fine and/or jail time for not having an FAA number on a tiny foam plane that weighs just over 1/2 a pound. This is just madness.

  67. The FAA will get the FCC to monitor the radio frequencies just like they do with the ham operators. When the public finds out they can write letters to the FAA and complain, they will with an email and video . Your fellow modeler who thinks you “shot” him down or the one who thinks you flew out of turn will send a letter to the FAA and you will get a CEASE and DESIST letter or a fine will be forthcoming. This happens with the ham operators. I have been flying radio control since 1973 About twenty five years ago, the group I flew with had a discussion about this very subject and decided there would be nothing that could be done about it. This is only the beginning. I wonder if I have radio control equipment and I am not registered, would I get a fine? If I sell my equipment, do I have to send the FAA a letter saying I don’t have it anymore? How will you know when you have reached the 400′ height? There are so many questions and no answers Once registered, always registered. The FAA will always keep your information. I think it’s about time this old man went to bed and left all this stressful stuff to the young. This one last thing, AMA you have beat your chest and spouted off over the years how you have been keeping the government at bay and from over ruling the modeling community. Now is the time for you to step up to the plate and show the modeling community what you can do.

    Thank You.

  68. The section 336 special rule defines a model aircraft. To comply and be a model aircraft means to be flown eyes only line of sight. Not by onboard camera or GPS.

    Then there is the “interpretive rule” in which the FAA states that a model aircraft is still considered an aircraft and subject to regulations as a aircraft. Such as the requirement to register. That the FAA considers a model aircraft to be regarded in law as an aircraft goes back to the the seventies.

    The AMA is challenging the “interpretive rule” in court litigation. There is a weight limit for a model aircraft to not be regarded as a aircraft and exempt from regulation which is 250 grams.

  69. If you register, there is no way to unregister. Once you sre on their list thsy got you. Will the FAA ask (demand) AMA for membership rolls? Once you are on the list and ALL UAS activities are deemed illegal, they can come for you and your stuff. So its free now, 5 bucks in 30 days, what’s it going to cost in 3 years when its time to renew? No one can answer that now!

  70. I for one, will start calling in when I see someone using one. I am going to flood the system with calls… Everything… When I see little Timmy out flying his Quad I will be calling, or little Jimmy playing, I will call, everyone should do this as well… Are they going to put flyers in every box now to sign up before your flight or to sign up when you buy like you have to when you buy a gun??

    1. If little Timmy is educated, gains flight time, follows all the rules, and not invading anyone’s privacy, I think little Timmy is going to be ok. I’m worried about Frankie, who puts one of these high tech aircraft up, only to find it come back to the ground where it does not belong. I’m talking about populated areas where something “could” happen. and it will happen, that’s what scares me.

      And what are the local authorities going to do if Timmy is registered, flying safe, and not bothering anyone? I for one am a Timmy in my neighborhood. Besides the use of my camera, I have their support. Common sense, common sense. Frankie on the other hand will ruin it for many if he doesn’t prepare.

  71. How long will it be before we are required to pay a fee. 3 years I suspect. The present government is determined to take away as many rights as they can including, it seems,the pursuit of happiness.
    My airplanes have neither cameras or auto pilots. I fly at an AMA approved field and comply with AMA regulations. I will not be registering my model airplanes with the FAA. I will no longer pay my AMA membership. Thanks for screwing up my hobby. My models are now grounded in protest.

  72. AMA and local clubs SHOULD NOT require members to be in compliance with this regulation. If the FAA wants this enforced THEY should do it themselves without AMA or local club assistance.

  73. I believe this is a great example of big government and its big ugly som I believe this is a great example of big government and its big ugly thumb.
    I have been in AMA member for 17 years AMA airfields are a safe place to learn and fly , this FAA rule will damage that . I believe the weight criteria is way off, small FPV drones and small camera drones should not be included. I do believe all phantoms should be registered because they are capable of interfering with international and local manned aircraft .They are the ones we’ve seen in the news flying near commercial aircraft . I own to phantoms and and inspire one. I am a responsible pilot I will register my aircraft when the rule makes sense until then no registration .

  74. I believe this is a great example of big government and its big ugly thumb. The way I see it the AMA stuck its neck out to look around and help the FAA and then the FAA took out its sword and slashed the neck of the AMA .
    I have been in AMA member for 17 years AMA airfields are a safe place to learn and fly , this FAA rule will damage that . I believe the weight criteria is way off, small FPV drones and small camera drones should not be included. I do believe all phantoms should be registered because they are capable of interfering with international and local manned aircraft .They are the ones we’ve seen in the news flying near commercial aircraft . I own to phantoms and and inspire one. I am a responsible pilot I will register my aircraft when the rule makes sense until then no registration .

  75. What about over 55 pounds. All my planes but two are over 55 pounds and have waivers? Do I now just let them sit?????

  76. Interesting to compare the US situation with the more cooperative arrangements being developed in the United Kingdom:

    I suspect that someone at the FAA was given a political instruction to “get something in place by the end of the year”, so ignored all the various arguments about such a scheme & just went ahead & put this in place. What really concerns me is that this is not the solution to a defined problem; but just an administrative process, without a fully defined role in a comprehensive scheme to regulate the use of UAS by untrained individuals. For example, without some sort of certification/marking scheme, does every kid that gets “My First Drone” for Xmas have to carry a scale around to prove it weighs less than 250g? Ditto me, when I’m flying a 200g 36inch SAL foamie? Leave alone that any “local enforcement authority” may not have a clue on any of these issues anyway.

    In the long term, if the FAA really wants to enforce this, there will be a lot of simple & low-cost but effective user identification schemes coming to the market soon (e.g. to protect our financial transactions) that could be applied to UAS registration. But in the meantime, my lack of paranoia will probably allow me to register; is it really a big deal?

  77. This will not repair the problem. Like gun control only the ones that are bad will not register themselves. If the FAA and DOT really looked into the problem for a real fix they would probably see that the problem was caused by non AMA members. The FAA and DOT thought was to catch a uas and trace it down to its owner which will not happen. First they won’t catch the UAS and second there will not be any info inside the UAS who the owner is. The original info said no cost for registering all of a sudden we have a cost involved of $5.00 which relates to about $925,000 that the government makes. Also who is going to police the registered and non registered flyers? Probably a cost increase in 3 years to pay for this.

  78. I fly ultra micro models, the foam kind. I bought them, I didn’t build them. I do repairs when needed. I’m not a AMA member because you guys would laugh at my planes. This registration nonsense is way out of line. Will they make me register a 1.5 oz aircraft? If so they are full of manure, but I can see it headed that way. Indoor flying venues will be popping up all over. Does the FAA have jurisdiction inside too.

  79. I just looked over the FAA website and FAQs, and this is truly no big deal.
    One 5 dollar fee to register ALL of your models, renewable every three years. If you do it in a timely fashion, the first three years is refundable (free).
    For hobby flying, the rules are the same as the AMA safety code we’ve been using for years.
    See for yourself
    You can stick whatever number they assign you in your battery compartment or hatch, so scale fidelity is not impinged on (you’ve had to put your AMA number someplace on your scale competition model forever). I’ve been around the hobby long enough to remember needing an FCC license to operate my AM transmitter, and that was long before folks were convinced the government was out to get them,lol. It didn’t hurt the hobby one bit 🙂 Neither does needing a turbine waiver. The hobby goes on, adapting to new developments in tech, as it has since the days of escapement radios.
    My wife and I both fly, the bottom line is ten bucks every 3 years, and another number on the sticker in the battery compartment. I’m a longtime AMA member whose flown a wide variety of models, including giant scale gas, ducted fans, all manner of sport and competition models. This is not an unusual, or overreaching regulation. It’s pretty straight forward, and a not unreasonable response to new technology, like FPV, and GPS operated drones. We need to continue to show we are responsible, safe hobbyists, and not run around with our hair on fire over this stuff.
    Drop the harsh “government takeover” rhetoric, it makes us look like thoughtless,uneducated people.

    Bob Freukes, AMA 78691, RC pilot since 1982,(control line before that,since I was a kid in the 60’s).

    1. It’s a big deal, never before have we seen such scrutiny of our hobby. The foot in the door theory applies well here, once the foot is in the door, then all bets are off as to future legislation, and regulation.

    2. Bob, I too started in control line in the 60s. Eventually became a professional pilot and know guys that started careers back in the DC3 days. They tell me of a time when the Federal Aviation Regulation book was a pamphlet and written so anyone reading it could understand it. Now it is huge and full of legalise that is difficult to understand at best. These FARs have continued to increase and become more difficult to understand as time has gone on. If they truly decide to regulate “model” aircraft as “aircraft” then prepare for the possibility of Licensure as a Pilot and all that goes along with Licensure, such as training, written testing, oral testing, and check rides. The National Airspace System has changed and become increasingly complex over the years and the FAA requirements for even small/light aircraft is/has changing/changed over the years forcing operators/owners to install not so cheap equipment. No Bob, I do not understand how this can be seen as a good thing, but do understand how it is a bad thing that should not have happened.

    3. When the government wants to begin regulatory strangulation of something it always begins with a something that seems inoccuous, hey it’s no big deal just 5$. how long do you think it’s going to stay at this level? It’s well known that many of these regulatory schemes are designed to fail so that the larger and more invasive and burdensome program that they wanted to begin with now seems like the only way to move forward. A prime example of this is income taxes.

  80. This is an epic “FAIL” by the AMA and another government agency ignoring the “Law of the Lane”(Congressional Special Rule). If the FAA can ignore the law the the same goes for the Gander and the FAA will be ignored! I will not submit to a tyrannical over reaching government.
    The FAA can’t enforce regulations on Commercial Airlines, let alone the tens of thousands of AMA members, completely un-enforceable!
    I do not like the AMA auto registering us with our AMA numbers. If they do that I will sue them for giving my information out without my specific permission ! !
    I think we should give the AMA a little while to get this corrected and exempt all AMA members from the FAA Ruling. If not accomplished by next years registration I will not Re-register with the AMA and as a club officer I will encourage our club to not register with the AMA either. We can go it alone as it appears we are doing anyways.

  81. Now that this is law, like everyone else in this world, is ama going to have to cover themselves by implementing to clubs that we have to check for registration before pilots fly on our fields? Sign a waiver, n inspect for there registration number on there planes? This could get out of hand quick. The scariest part of this whole thing is they stated many times that this is only the beginning the first step.

  82. So AMA what legal means are you doing to stop this? Doesn’t this rule violate the 2012 ACT? If so then aren’t we exempt? We pay dues for you to protect us from stuff like this. I understand you can only do so much, but isn’t there more you can do? What else are you doing? Can you ask for some kind of “stay” like we here about all the time on the news? If you haven’t, why not? Please do so.

  83. More government oversight is NOT what we need in this hobby. Regulators need to regulate so this will be just the beginning in my opinion. How will FAA guard my personal information once I register on their site. They will collect Name, Address, and Credit Card information. How will that be stored securely? I only ask because this will be yet another government database collecting my personal information with little or no website security. Big Government Works…..NOT

  84. The AMA has a fiduciary responsibility to it’s membership to file a lawsuit against the FAA over this action!!

  85. The AMA has increased our dues and has failed to protect us
    They are spending money just like the government….
    And providing the same results as the government….

    Surely the government sees that if we’ll pay AMA we’ll pay the government too.
    Now we get to be in one more database for the government.

    In two years when my existing AMA membership runs out, I probably will not rejoin. Can’t make up my mind yet if I will register with FAA.

    I think we’ll see the AMA continue get in line(read that in bed)with the government. and require us to be registered with the government to be a member of the AMA.

    Come on, a control line airplane is a threat to air safety? No…This stuff is going way beyond that…

    I fear that all the legal ramifications that will follow this – is going to kill the hobby. They are setting it up where if you accidently crash your airplane (aircraft) into something, or worse yet someone, and if your are not registered, you could end up in jail…..What if you are registered, what happens if you do have an accident. What if you have a midair with another RC airplane????

  86. AMA blog resorts to grey text on a grey background?

    Registration is a statutory requirement that applies to all aircraft. Under this rule, any owner of a small UAS who has previously operated an unmanned aircraft exclusively as a model aircraft prior to December 21, 2015, must register no later than February 19, 2016. Owners of any other UAS purchased for use as a model aircraft after December 21, 2015 must register before the first flight outdoors. Owners may use either the paper-based process or the new streamlined, web-based system. Owners using the new streamlined web-based system must be at least 13 years old to register.

  87. If the FAA or the AMA believes all these irresponsible flyers that got us into this mess are going to register anything they own then I have a nice bridge to sell you!

    The responsible modeling community has taken the blunt of this nonsense and the irresponsible fliers are setting back and laughing at the FAA, AMA, and rest of the responsible modeling community.

    Something interesting about this rule which exempts free flight models is that a free flight model is not controlled and can easily fly more than 400 above ground level…something to think about.

  88. The next step will be registration of all Computer Systems i.e., Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, Cell phones. They can be used to remotely control lots of stuff including Drones. Big Bro is coming.

  89. Just another way into your pocket. The AMA can pay for it out of the dues increase’
    Go after the idiots with the drones. Yeah I’m Pissed

  90. I would like for the AMA to detail what we must now do. Telling me what they (AMA) did in their unsuccessful attempt to block this does not help me at all. Come on AMA explain (send out an e-mail) what is now required in short understandable terms.

  91. You, the AMA in your quest of greed failed to realize anything outside of “Line of sight” being flown within those guidelines should not be a part of the AMA or what we true modelers do. You, the AMA have brought this upon the hobby by not separating from but rather embracing the others.

    Congress states modelers that fly within the given guidelines are exempt, period!!!!

    If you continue to embrace this new venue the member numbers will drastically fall even shorter than they have been of late.

    1. AMEN!!!!! I have said this very thing for years but the AMA wanted to lump the quadfloppers in with model builders and flyers,. They could barely conceal their greed.

  92. I want AMA to answer this, If I don’t register and I need to put in a claim, will they deny my membership or claim because of not complying to FAA?

    1. All accident claims are reviewed by a Third Party Administrator (TPA), who makes coverage determinations based on the unique circumstances and details of each incident and the language of the appropriate insurance policy. The TPA would not deny a claim solely on the premises that the AMA member did not register with FAA.

  93. The obvious solution is for the AMA to share their database with the FAA to pre-register every current AMA member instantly. Joining the AMA should automatically include FAA registration. Is that too complicated ?

  94. WAKE UP PEOPLE! With 35 years of experience dealing with the FAA as a private pilot and an Airman Medical Examiner, be assured, these rules WILL be enforced by the FAA. A few of us will be ticketed or arrested and we will suddenly get the message, ALL THE AMA NEGIATIONS WERE FOR NAUGHT. If you fly your model aircraft or drone quad copter near a major airport, be prepared to write a BIG check for the fine. If you are egregious or belligerent in your behavior, be prepared for jail time. Your misfortune will make a clear statement to the community. Some 15 year old idiot will fly his drone into an airliner engine or light plane windshield at 2000 feet altitude, suffer a major penalty (as he should), and the fall out will be that we may not be flying at all in 5 years. It will only take ONE really bad actor and ONE really bad incident to “crash” our sport. If you don’t feel that the FAA will do these things or that we CAN actually have an impact on future regulatory efforts, then you don’t know the FAA. Now, I have a bunch of planes to sell at bargain prices – highest bidder wins.

  95. Let’s let a federal judge decide whether this FAA “rule” is in violation of Section 336 of Public Law 112-95. The AMA needs to take action on behalf of all hobbyists.

  96. This is government BS at it’s best. They have no way of “catching the bad guy” with this ruling. It just upsets law abiding modelers who have played by the rules for many years. It’s also another great site to get hacked and have my personal info swiped. Over the many years I have enjoyed RC modeling we have had frequencies taken away and sites closed. Maybe we are just living in the wrong country.

      1. I agree. If the powers that be (whoever the hell they are)enforce this illegal ruling; its probably time to leave the hobby. I’ll tell you one thing, if the AMA can’t fix this, there is zero reasons to keep paying dues, we don’t need their rules if the FAA has jurisdiction now (albeit illegally since they are ignoring what Congress told them)and if they can’t help us; which obviously they can’t.

      2. Not really, I loved to water ski too, but that has been restricted to near nothing over the years. Haven’t been on a ski in over 20 years. We are severely over regulated as a populace in this country and its getting worse. All the while big money buys freedoms with the government that we end up paying for, both monetarily and with the loss of our freedom. It is really becoming absurd.

        1. It doesn’t help that every time something goes wrong there are 20 lawyers that want to take on the case and sue for millions. Of course they get their cut, 30, 40, 50%. Pay the guy for the window you broke and call it a day. Stuff happens.

          1. And one last item I left out, doesn’t everyone place a tag in their aircraft (in case of fly away) with contact info and a statement “If found please return – REWARD”? I know I want my model back, in whatever condition, to repair or at least salvage parts for the next build. If I wasn’t a nice guy and was up to no good I would simply remove anything connecting it to me. It just won’t stop the bad guy.

  97. There is already a law on the books about this. FAA Modernization Act of 2012, Section 336. Make sure to call your senators. I did last night. Do not let the FAA ignore the law.

    Officially they do not have the authority to regulate model aircraft as laid out in the above law.

    As a scale modeler, they will have minimum “registration” number size. They will eventually want them visible from the exterior. Keep in mind they want the number accessible without using tools.

    Also, there is no way anyone believes that they will be content with us just having a single registration. I also don’t believe that the fee will stay at $5 every three years.

    Don’t let them open this door. The law is already on our side… use it.

  98. As a longtime (54Yrs) modeler and full scale pilot since 17, I find these new rules to be about the stupidest thing to come down the rulemaking highway in a long time.
    Rather than look at the reality of how many accidents have been caused by drones, which apparently is zero, we have now put the burden on all modelers that mostly were not the cause of concern.
    My concern is only for those that have something to loose. If your a homeless guy pushing a shopping cart down the road and also happen to loose control of your stolen drone, your going to get a free pass. Nothing to take away from you so end of story.
    If your a person of some means, then your going to catch the wrath of hell because your airplane or helicopter or drone accidently flew through some ones back window. It will be on “YOU” to prove you had no intent on evil. Subject to the full wrath of the FAA and anyone else that wants to join the lynch mob. This is so wrong on so many levels it sucks.
    I’m particularly upset with AMA for being so frickin in the dark ages when it came to dealing with trends in modeling and what is being flown and by who.
    Today you got the well healed kids getting $1,000 quad copters and mom and dad are turning them loose with zero supervision in every environment possible. This is how we have ended up in this ditch. These kids and others were never “modelers” and have no concept of modeling protocol or rules. It is blatently crap for all to be thrown into this mess with impending registration for all.
    I don’t for the life of me understand how the AMA lost control of this issue between established modelers and “drones” of all sizes and descriptions?
    Now there will have to be drone investigations. This will require bodies and bodies cost man hours. Man hours cost lots and lots of dollars. Those dollars will come in the form of either increased funding for the FAA through congress or the implementation of fines for anything they can find. Trust me, it will happen and it will be ugly. Lets just call this the IRS for Drones. What a bummer.

    1. Amen Larry. As a former AMA club member you got it. This is the problem….2.4GHZ and do what you want. Every single AMA member who fly’s at a sanctioned AMA field should have been exempt from the FAA ruling, period. And people are attaching the word drone to everything now. I for one will follow the rules, and have been, since flying minutes from my home in very safe areas. My former club training has given me all the skills to enjoy the hobby again. Now, let’s see what happens next spring, when the off the shelf pilots get going…yep, gonna be ugly I think.

  99. I sent this email to every AMA address I could find in the magazine and directory. I suggest everyone does the same. Instead of writing comments send an email to everyone at the AMA.Let them know how we feel!!

    SUBJECT : FAA Registration legal action Required now !!

    Hello, I have been a member of the AMA since 1990. I have never written to you, today I am so mad that I have to.
    All along AMA has said the Proposed rules were not in accordance to Congress’s Intent. Even in your newsletter today you said :”The rule is counter to Congress’s intent in the Special Rule for Model Aircraft and makes the registration process an unnecessary burden for all of our members who have been operating safely for decades.” I feel the AMA should immediately (LIKE TOMORROW) should go to Federal District Court in Indiana and FILE AN IMMEDIATE INJUNCTION to stop the FAA Rule due to the UNDUE BURDEN on our members. This rule is not what Congress passed !!! And once again
    our Government is going beyond its legal authority. A letter should be sent to all members to contact their Federal elected
    representatives in the House and Senate and express their outrage, and have Congress fix this. This is not what they voted on or intended, they should be as mad as we are. The rumor (or fact) that AMA has spent over a million dollars recently on
    public relations, and the increased dues rates shows that we have the funding to mount a legal challenge. LETS START TOMORROW ! I am sure that if you did a poll of members after giving them the facts, 80 % of the members would want
    the AMA to mount a legal challenge.

    Thank You,
    Thomas P

  100. The reason we are where we are is simply dollars….nothing more nothing less. Like everything in this country for the past 50 plus years it is driven by the dollar. There is no consideration for how the rules impact the average working person who is responsibly operating their aircraft to have what little fun is left that isn’t regulated.

  101. This is a power grab plain and simple – more rules = more staff and funding. The FAA is addressing a non-existent problem. If there have been ANY ‘drone’ strikes, especially involving AMA members, I haven’t heard of it. Since it’s something they think they can control – there’s the key word – they’re on it. Planes hit birds every day and the FAA STOPPED reporting those collisions. If the government wanted to save lives they’d ban all automobiles.
    The day I heard about the study group I said that using AMA numbers would be quick and easy, but I didn’t think the FAA was smart enough to do it. It’s nice to know my quarter century working for them taught me something.
    I will comply with these onerous requirements. I plan on registering at noon EST on the 21st. I think if EVERYONE did the same the news media – who caused the problem – may take notice that the law abiding flyers may not be the problem. What could go wrong? We already know this administration can set up a functional website with no problems.
    Don’t forget the FAA’s motto – “We’re not happy until you’re not happy”
    I need to go now and put an N number on my Master Frisbee – 255 grams.

  102. Last night I sent urgent emails to my 3 federal officials and advised what has transpired within the past couple of days and the actions of the FAA. I have just re-read Public Law 112-95 again and its very clear and concise in its wording. Most of our models are exempt from regulation and oversight by the FAA. This is a government agency ignoring the congressional law and doing as they please. LET YOUR REPRESENTATIVES KNOW. They probably have no idea what is going on!
    PLEASE, Instead of wasting HOT AIR here, use it to call your federal elected officials and advise them of what has transpired. I don’t believe they are even aware of the proposal.
    Get that phone out tomorrow morning and call and be polite and tell them what has happened and refer them to section 336. BE polite but firm and advise that you are NOT a happy camper and that failure to act and intervene with the FAA will result in a vote against them at the ballot box.
    I live in Indiana, the home of the AMA and I cant reach any one to find out if they are dealing with the legislators in our state. I sure as heck hope they are!!!
    One thing I cant read from the rules in the 112 section 36 is what happens when an international competitor shows up to compete at Muncie, how will they comply or will the FAA request that a citizen of another country register with thw FAA? Can any one answer that?

  103. Has the thought crossed any ones mind that maybe the reason AMA sat on this was in hope the FAA would REQUIRE an AMA Membership, which would in turn, add thousands, if not millions of new members? If this is the case AMA, it didn’t work and it has backfired. This act could quite possibly ruin the organization. There are some things you just don’t compromise on and that is principles, morals and ethics. Greed gets you NOTHING, greed will ultimately destroy you. I bet your starting to realize that now, at least I hope you are. You can change this outcome. I think it’s in your and the members best interest to go and get a lawyer to sue the FAA for gross negligence of the LAW that was passed by Congress in 2012. We were ALL misrepresented because you knew as well that the FAA does NOT have this authority to implement these “rules” and so you lead everyone into believing that we must increase the membership fees to “keep” these rights that we always had that were already made into LAW by CONGRESS. In essence, I’m sure everyone is feeling duped for being mislead and paying an outrageous increase in membership dues. I’m sure glad I waited to renew. I figured this would turn out this way because this issue was touched on back then in June. It’s written into LAW by Congress. Am I correct? That is why the AMA has such a laid back response when dealing with the FAA. It benefits AMA and the FAA, sure enough. But I for one am not going to sell myself and my rights out for anybody or anything. It ain’t worth that!…….

    1. I believe that the AMA has been secretly cheering the FAA on behind the scenes for the very reason you talk about in the first part of your post.

  104. In my humble opinion I would say that it is time for a good old fashioned, multi location protest march. Do we really all want to stand by and allow the government to regulate our model aircraft? If the FAA considers them to be AIRCRAFT and not models and therefor subject to FAA regulation then we should be allowed to fly our foam aircraft AT the airport rather than a minimum of 5 miles away!

    This is the most ridiculous regulation I have ever seen from our government. Wait did I say OUR government? It ceased to be our government (government OF the people) a long long time ago!

  105. Write to John Stossel, he specializes in doing stories about stupid government regulations.

  106. AMA, please fight the FAA against their blatant disregard for the 2012 congressional order not to regulate model aircraft (Section 336). Your responsibility is to represent us, “we the people”. Please pursue an injunction.

  107. Big deal! Whats all the bitching about. Words like we are “burdened”. Oh yea its a real burden to fill out your name and address. You guys put more effort into bitching about this than just registering the model would be.
    Ok, so obviously I don’t mind this ruling and actually wish they would have done it 30 yrs ago. So where am I coming from? Well, I am an avid rc pilot. Had an AMA membership for many years but dropped it a few yrs back when I stopped flying at sanctioned fields and fly exclusively in the desert. I am also an avid ultralight pilot. Hence the main reason I am all for this. I can’t even fly in the desert without seeing drones buzzing all over the place these days.
    Those of you that said drones brought this about are absolutely right! The last couple years I have been really getting pissed off with all the drones and people with more money than sense. I have had close calls with near collisions with drones.
    I’ve also heard a few say “those with intent to do harm won’t register” as if to compare it to gun control laws. Well I for one have never heard of someone buying a drone with the sole intent to do harm. The plain reality is that accidents happen. Period. And when they do, I want to know who to hold accountable. And the first time one of those drones collides with me or a friends aircraft and kills one of us, our family will want to know who to hold resposible. Just like the nitro rc plane that came through our living room window 30 yrs ago when I was a kid. Never found that individual. I hope eventually they go a step further and require an embedded chip in all aircraft that gives a paper trail back to the owner.
    So all that being said, No I am not for more government in any way shape or form! I am a conservative that is all for God, guns and country. But the sad reality of the world we live in now is one of high technology and a generation of people that don’t want to take responsibility for their actions. Sobeit. Like the many generations before us, this one truth holds true, that a few rotten apples have ruined it for the rest once again.
    The only suggestion I would make is that the AMA would pay the registration dues to the FAA on behalf of all of their members ie… FAA dues be included in the AMA membership dues.
    Until then, stop your whining, man up and go take two minutes to register your planes and what nots. It’s currently free to register. I myself will take advantage while its free to register my own rc planes. After all, I have a mishap and put my plane through someone’s window, I want them to be able to find me so I can be held responsible (I know that just shocks some of you libs) and I want them to find me so I can get my plane back. ; )

    1. “Big deal! Whats all the bitching about. Words like we are “burdened”. Oh yea its a real burden to fill out your name and address. You guys put more effort into bitching about this than just registering the model would be.”

      The “Big Deal” isn’t the name and address or even the money the “Big Deal or Burden” is what’s going to happen next. Will the FAA come up with an AMA supported new hoop for us to jump through that WILL BE a Big Deal and a Big Burden or end our model flying hobby all together. Historically when something bad gets enacted its never rescinded it only get more convoluted.

    2. So, you’re alright following an ILLEGAL ruling??? You are aware that the FAA according to Congress has absolutely no jurisdiction over our hobby, right? If you’re okay with this, you’re part of the problem with the government today.

  108. This is data collection so the Feds can decide what to do next (more fees, license, check rides, ban and confiscation). Not saying those will happen but it lets the Feds see how much those actions will cost and then decide. I’m glad I stopped paying my AMA dues because clearly AMA is not strong enough to protect the interests of RC flight hobbyists. Well, if the FAA implements more stringent requirements…one positive is ill save a lot of money because I will quit the hobby.

    1. you watch … the AMA management will voluntarily handover the member list to the FAA and they will use it to identify which AMA members haven’t registered

  109. the ” PROBLEM ” here is #1 the laws NOT being enforced – the few crap heads that are doing this are NOT put in jail & fined !! – look at the gun laws ,name one ( 1) time that the ‘law ‘ on ‘straw purchase’ has EVER been handed out ? NONE !! .NOW just think how every kid flying a ‘TOY AIRPLANE ‘ is going to NOT follow the ‘LAW’ – let alone the big kids that are ‘packing’ and NOT LIBERALS . THINK PEOPLE !!!! VOTE TIME IS ALMOST HERE !!! You want more bull crap ? Try the old *** 10 ( as in TEN ) YEARS IN JAIL & $ 250,000,00 FINE FOR TURD WORMS FLYING ‘DRONES’ NEAR AIRCRAFT & POINTING LAZERS AT THEM AND SEE HOW MANY KEEP DOING IT !!!! . SAME WITH GUN LAWS !!! ( REOPEN MUT HOUSES TOO )

  110. What I don’t understand is, how can this be enforced when what they are doing is illegal??? I really don’t think we have to register. If they try to enforce this, we lawyer up (which the AMA should be doing since that’s what we pay them for…which will stop if we definitely end up having to register)and point out the congressional order….done, case dismissed. The 2012 Congressional Order stated that the FAA CANNOT regulate our hobby and should be left to organizations like AMA to provide safety guidelines. Who the hell are they to think they can ignore Congress. Sorry, I’m a law abiding citizen unlike the scum in the FAA who think they’re above the law.

    And please, people who have no backbone and their heads up their asses that are saying “it’s not a big deal, ” etc….it IS a big deal. Congress said one thing, the FAA doesn’t care and they are taking control ILLEAGALLY and in my opinion, and in the opinion of all those with common sense, if we follow their illegal rules, we too are ignoring congress.

  111. While I don’t think registering R/C pilots will in any way decrease the incidence of drone incursions into unsafe airspace, 5 bucks over three years doesn’t offend me too much. What concerns me is the 400 foot altitude limitation. Most sport fliers exceed 400 feet regularly and those of us who fly competition aerobatics (IMAC and Pattern) exceed 400 feet on practically every vertical maneuver.All glider pilots exceed 400 feet. All jets exceed 400 feet. Etc,Etc. Restrictions outside the confines of a AMA sanctioned field might have some merit but I think the safety record at our sanctioned fields clearly demonstrates that no additional restrictions are required at our fields. Has there ever been a collision between a full scale aircraft and an R/C aircraft being operated at a AMA sanctioned field ? If so it’s got to be profoundly rare and in the absence of a spotter. Has a quad operator following AMA guidelines operating out of an AMA field caused any unsafe incursions. Rather than raising Cain about the registration process, I think it is more urgent to obtain exemption from the FAA for fields that follow AMA safety guidelines. I think the AMA, IMAC NSRCA and all other interest groups within R/C need to point out to FAA that our fields which follow AMA guidelines are safe and need no FAA regulation.

    1. You point NOTHING out the the FAA! They have for years and will continue to do as they please. I could right a book here about specific instances that the FAA have overstepped their legal jurisdiction and refused to follow their own policies and guidelines. Clear and simple,,,,,,, they do as they please and no seems to have the will or attachments to stop them.

  112. I belong to a sailplane/soaring rc AMA sanctioned club. We fly thermal oriented planes and fly thermal oriented contests===all 300 to 1500 ft. above the ground where the thermals are. Please, someone from the AMA, respond. Are we now legally restricted to 400 ft.? What will happen to rc soaring if this restriction is upheld. So far, the FAA says yes it does apply to us, and we must fly below 400 ft.. The AMA has been remarkably silent on this cognitive dissonance. Our club alone has many 10’s of thousands of dollars invested in these specialty planes waiting for a definitive and authoritive answer. We have received no believable reassurance that our hobby is still viable. “It probably will be OK” will not suffice as an answer. I need to know for sure before I have put to my credit card into a third party database and open myself up to govermental intrusion, potential identity theft, and many future unknown hassles. AMA, you get more than 12 million dollars in our dues, we deserve answers NOW.

  113. I’m a pilot and A&P mechanic. Since the feds are saying a model airplane operator is an aviator and you now have to register everything, if I don’t comply and get caught, I can only assume I will get a violation and risk losing my airman and mechanic certificates! Along with fines and oh yah,,,,,,,, 3 years in prison! Just one more thing in a LONG line of things proving the FAA is broken beyond repair.

  114. So still no sign of AMA lawyering up for an injunction and filing a lawsuit since the FAA is acting illegally, and not even a response to any of our posts, even the ones saying we’re not renewing because the AMA didn’t do their job. Clearly they don’t care about their members or the hobby. I won’t be renewing. I also thinK everyone that renewed recently should demand their money back. Good job AMA on achieving the status of biggest disappointment. If you care, A RESPONSE WOULD BE NICE!

  115. Since this FAA plan is counter to Congress’s intent specifically mentioned in the Special Rule for Model Aircraft, Congress being the law-maker in all cases, you should be discussing the NULLIFICATION of this FAA plan with our lawyers and NOT cooperation with it. I’m pretty sure you would have the support of the clear majority of our members in so doing.
    Roger Byrd
    AMA 1061

  116. It’s just $5 so what’s the big deal, right. Let me tell you folks this is a very slippery slope the FAA want’s to put you on. It $5 now but wait just a few years and see what happens. The FAA has a very poor track record on keeping their promises, commitments and complying with the law. This is just their first step in a long process of removing your right to enjoy this great hobby of ours. I can only imagine the confrontations to come when they show up on private property where models are being flown or someone’s doorstep to verify compliance. At best, this program will have little if any improvement at all to aviation safety.
    This is all just another disgraceful publicity stunt to extort more money from the American taxpayers.

  117. What it eventually looks like the FAA and others want to do is steam-roll over the AMA and eliminate it altogether.

  118. Why are senators Charles ( Chuck ) Schumer and Dianne Feinstein not coming forward into the open about their great accomplishment ?

  119. I say that the AMA has given up the Right to defend their Members.
    Each Member should think very hard about about renewing.
    The AMA makes Millions of Dollars and does not care about the Members except to take there Money. What is the Membership now 75$ what will it be next year 100$ when will it stop?? And for what?

    Back in the day when we needed a field to fly from the AMA had control of us, we had to be members to fly at the field. Now we can fly in our backyard and do not need the AMA.

    So I say let the AMA beg member’s to return after they lose half of their Membership. The AMA needs to DO not CAVE IN, Yes they helped the Jet guys keep flying, how many jet guy’s out there?? Do you fly a JET????

    1. Greg, we have many great jet fliers in our hobby. I’m working on a balsa build and learned a lot of build tips from a previous Top Gun winner.

      I should add that in the past couple years AMA also advocated to successfully protect giant scale, remove the 400′ ceiling (keeping the sailplane community alive), and prevent local communities from passing legislation to ground all aircraft.

      1. Chad, I’m so happy our leaders in the AMA are learning new build tips from the elite members who can afford to spend $20,000 or more on a turbine or the members who fly $10,000 giant scale birds.

        I think you have lost sight of the lowly rank and file members who fly .40 size models and the like. You know, the ones who make up the bulk of the AMA and has done so for the 50 plus years I have been modeling. Also your comments are lost on the members who are tired of higher dues with no added benefits.

        I have sat here and read hundreds of posts and your replies and it seems, at least to me, that all the AMA is doing is calling someone at the FAA every few days and asks a few questions and not much else.

        I hope the 20 percent increase in our dues is worth the lost in membership it will most likely cause. Sadly, for these reasons I am dropping my longtime membership this year. I have had enough…

  120. North America Free Trade (NAFTA) signed Bill Clinton our economy has dove since. Obama Care, need I say more. Electoral vote elects; popular vote decides by district how many the rich must corrupt. Electoral vote holders receive perks individually for tens of thousands prior to elections. One is silly to think we vote and decide our own destiny. Now regulation of a hobby I have enjoyed for 44 years. One word people — “SOCIALISM”.
    I’m a combat veteran U.S. Air Force and just placed my house and all I own for sale—-Destination Norway. Can’t sit here and watch any longer while the country I supported and served for 26 years in honorable active duty service slips from principles it was founded on. Sorry but I wish you all well and hope sanity is restored for our once great nation. Yes, I am now a former AMA member. If you follow me, look for the guy enjoying clean undisturbed flying in Scandinavia.

    1. I am a little stunned and in some cases disappointed at some of the responses and statements I have read on this blog. It begets the the question? How many of you have emailed or telephoned your federal elected officials? The FAA didn’t just put the screws to us, they thumbed their noses at their bosses, the Congress of this United states.
      I have contacted my senators and representative and found that they had no idea the FAA had made such a ruling, in fact one official did not even know about 112-95 and when I read them section 336 they got almost as upset as we all are.
      So sure go ahead and let off steam here, but for crying out loud, CALL YOUR ELECTED OFFICIALS AND MAKE SURE THEY KNOW WHATS HAPPENING! If you don’t, the FAA will get away with breaking a federal law.
      WE CAN WIN if we keep the high road, Its not just the AMA committee, its ALL of us that need to pressure the FAA to back off by contacting their bosses!!
      Also keep in mind that WE ARE THE AMA Not just a few guys on a committee. if we can get even half the membership contacting their federal officials you will get some action.
      Each federal office getting their emails clogged up and phone lines jammed with a 100,000 messages will get us the attention we need.

  121. 1. The FAA just slammed a criminal overtone on flying RC for recreational use.
    2. The FAA has now empowered the general public to call police whenever we “good guys” are just down at the park flying. This has to be stopped in its tracks.
    3. The FAA has therefore thrown the AMA and we flyers under the bus after a year of false pretenses of going through the commentary period and reviewing our responses. It was all a charade.
    4. Not only does Congress fund the FAA, but the FAA is under the Congress’ scrutiny right now during the reauthorization period for the FAA. Call your Rep and make your statement about how the FAA is overstepping its authority and killing a quality of life factor.
    5. When you are as poor about policy as FAA (Brendan Schulman crushed them in Trappy’s court case), what you do is come up with a contradiction-riddled steaming hulk of a blanket ruling, as they did, and just force all RC Flyers to register. This is like a tantrum.
    6. And, make those RC flyers pay for the delight of being put on a new Government List. $5 today, and how much in the future? Increases are inevitable.
    7. The FAA did this in the night, throwing this ruling over us with virtually 0 warning time.
    8. The FAA ignored all legal requirements to OPEN THIS UP again to a new commentary period.
    9. Fortunately, there are other watchdogs that are already forming their fight against the FAA, on a purely violation-of-due-process basis.
    10. The FAA is wrongfully THREATENING private pilots ( which I am one of) who also fly RC, singling that group out, threatening that they will have their certificates revoked if found breaking the new regulation.

    Clearly, the FAA MO is to blast their rusty blunderbust, shortchanging due process, which throws the burden of defense on a relatively lightly-funded recreational RC Flyer group. David vs Goliath. Rights and freedoms are being kyboshed – along with a quality of life factor. What isn’t RC flying but an escape from the tethers of this world, anyway? Now we get to register on another government control list, and pay for that delight.

    If you care about this, call your DC Rep as I have done.
    Find your congressperson here:
    If you oppose this FAA ruling, than you have to ring the bell in all places you can. Calling your DC Rep takes 15 minutes and counts highly in Congress reauthorization of the FAA. Then, send them a backup letter about this. You have to ring the bell in all ways possible.

    What you are looking at is ineptitude by the FAA, a ludicrous poorly-formed policy, knee jerk reaction due to little ability come up with a responsible plan after all the process we all have suffered thru over the last year.

    It is the part of now being the target of at-large citizens to harrass us in a hobby, past-time, escape that literally goes back to the days of Wilbur and Orville.

    The AMA must separate out multirotors from fixed wing ASAP, and separate out line-of-sight from over-the-horizon flying, and FAST.

    The AMA tried to bundle multirotors with fixed wing, and look where it got us. It’s time to let the multirotor and FPV world stand on its own, as a separate adder to AMA membership, rather than taking down the entire mother ship of fixed wing and line-of-sight.

    This is all going in the wrong direction fast.
    Contact your DC Congressional Rep today.

    To understand that showing up / speaking up works, be sure to check out how knee-jerk reaction legislation is being averted by the AMA:

  122. This just shows how messed up the American government is. What happened to “We the people”? Now they want to regulate our personal property just because some people did some stupid stuff with it. I mean, it’s common sense that you don’t fly near an airport or in some way that you can hurt someone or damage something. The problem here is, we are being punished for the acts of some individuals. It doesn’t make sense.

    If “drones” invade people’s privacy and guns kill people, then I guess your pencil is responsible for that D on your final, cars drive drunk, and spoons make people fat.

    Yay ‘murica. We need to make America great again.


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