AMA Discusses Concerns About Drone Registration with Popular Science Magazine

AMA talks with Popular Science Magazine about concerns with the drone registration process. These recommendations, as written, would make the registration process an unnecessary and unjustified burden to our members. If a registration process is required, aircraft weighing 250 grams easily belong in the toy category. Also the capability of the aircraft should also be a factor in determining the threshold for UAS registration.

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  1. This is just another BIG BROTHER taking away honest peoples rights to enjoy a sport that has been ongoing for years. They will start by charging us $5.00/3 years then raising the registration fee to what ever level the crooked politicians want, then BAND the sport of R C Aircraft down the road. I would not be surprised to see every seller of R C Aircraft raising the price of any and all items pertaining the the sport

    Those of us modelers who abide by our local flying sites rules are being PUNISHED just like gun owners who abide by the right to own guns and don’t go off half cocked and kill others. Its the people who could CARE LESS about doing the RIGHT THING that should be penalized for careless operation of drones, or other and all model aircraft.

  2. FAA/DOT has violated the will of the people, as set forth by Congress.

    In doing so, they have performed another useless excise and waste of tax payer monies. Registration of CITIZENS with the propensity to fly is lunacy. This does nothing to prevent those with a desire to cause harm.

    You can purchase all necessary items to build a very simplistic to complex “UAS” without the burden of buying a complete system thereby bypassing the registration. From there it is left as a who built what and flew what where?

    This is typical bureaucratic thinking and it too will fail the way FRS/GMRS has failed with the FCC.

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