AMA testifies about model aircraft safety to California

Rich Hanson, AMA government and regulatory affairs director, joins fire, law enforcement, emergency management personnel, NASA, the media, and DJI to testify about the proper use of sUAS’s in California. The meeting was held in Sacrament, California on August 18, 2015 at the California Joint Legislative Committee on Emergency Management and Senate Judiciary Committee.

Included in the clip below are Rich Hanson’s comments as well as testimony from Brendan Shulman, DJI vice president of policy and legal affairs.

Watch the entire three hour joint oversight hearing here.

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  1. VERY well done! You’re on the right track of educating the government entities, manufacturers, distributors, retail outlets, and ultimately the end user. Maybe it should be a part of the FAA regulations to emulate the education methodologies you have instituted.

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