VIDEO: FAA Seeks to Ban FPV Flying and Limit Model Aviation by Roswell Flight Test Crew

DEADLINE TO COMMENT:  On or before July 25, 2014

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How to Respond to the FAA.

All AMA members, family and friends need to take action now to let the FAA know that this rule significantly impacts the entire aeromodeling community and that this community is resolute and committed to protecting the hobby.

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DEADLINE TO COMMENT:  On or before July 25, 2014


  1. Making false statements like you can’t use a camera and overall sensationalizing like you do doesn’t help our cause. Be rational and tell the truth. But scare tactics? Really? There are definitely problems like the problems about working for the industry that need rational adjustment, but letting every quad owner run a business because, well, why? I’ve watched you tube and followed this and there are many operators who are completely out of control. If they can’t and won’t control themselves then we need the FAA. I have seen no evidence of any reasonable response to the rules so until I do I have to go with the FAA to protect me and my family. The individual users aren’t doing anything to help.


    1. Sorry Roswell, read the federal register and the FAA’s issue is with those using FPV for commercial use. FPVs require rules and I think the US National Air Space is little more crowded than south America. If you want to make a living Flying FPVs then your going to have to learn about the rules on the US NAS and once established operate your devices in accordance with the regulations. I just dont see the major issue of concern with whats been published so far. Once insurance companies figure out the liability you may not be able to afford the business cost. AMA s not going to cover you for a commercial related accident. Stay calm and fly safe.

  2. Well, as a matter of fact, Pirker WAS accused of the following
    4.”The aircraft referenced above contained a camera mounted on the aircraft which sent real time video to you on the ground.
    2. The aircraft referenced above is an Unmaned Aircraft System
    3. At all times relevant herein you did not possess a Federal Aviation Administration pilot certificate.

    So these charges could be levied at any Model Aircraft flyer. While I think FPV can be done safely, under the AMA 550 protocol, these type of charges from the FAA could be applied to any model Aircraft pilot. How about the new restriction of 5 miles from any airport, requires contacting the Control Tower for a clearance to fly? Or no model aircraft flights above 400? I fly large RC sailplanes, so this last one would could my niche in hobby flying!

    Waiting to hear from the AMA.

  3. It is wrong for the FAA to outright ban FPV flying. Those small-size aircraft are harmless. However, it should be illegal to invade someone’s privacy. Larger FPV machines can do harms and should be regulated by restricted from certain air spaces unless registered and operator should be licensed similar to Sport Pillot licensing, or full pilot license if is full-sized like a 4-seat airplane.

  4. I am really mad at the AMA for pissing off the FAA and refusing to represent the
    the majority of the AMA members.
    This video is proof that AMA leadership does not give a rip about the hobby.
    This is commercial use period and I will do every thing I can to ban all FPV
    use at AMA fields. This drone madness has destroyed everything we have
    worked for and will lead to a total ban of R/C if AMA continues on this crash

  5. So you’re going to condemn scare tactics, then claim this is for the safety of your family? Exactly how many times has your family been endangered by flying toys?

  6. I feel the AMA needs to avoid supporting a partisan divide between those who want total freedom to run their UAV’s as they see fit and those who support a rational organization and a traditional modeling style. Unfortunately, advances in consumer electronics that allow FPV UAV’s to run out of sight, beyond what was available for traditional modeling has made for some uncomfortable challenges. Get a grip AMA FPV advocates. Maybe the FAA has some good points.

  7. I disagree with proposals brought forth by the FAA. I cannot see condemning all of the r/c hobby because of people that use the FPV’s without proper instructions and lessons on how to use them. WE who have been flying line of sight r/c aircraft at a AMA sanctioned site are doing no harm. Why should we be singled out for the misuse of others?

  8. As I see it, the main problem is FPV and model aviation is being put in one basket and it shouldn’t, FPV is a toy that allows anyone to fly beyond their sight, they have limited vision of what is around them and they could intrude into an airspace that could cause injury or worse.
    This is not what the hobby is about, the hobby has always been about recreating and flying conventional aircraft that can be flown within site at a field designed for this function. I can not support FPV flying, I think that the FAA needs to put FPV flying in a different category and allow the real modelers to continue as they have for the last 75 years. We have an organization called the AMA that governs our actions we have been very safe and considerate in the operation of our miniature aircraft, I hope we can continue in the same manner.

  9. I have designed and flown large RC aircraft for over 30 years without incident and recently started flying smaller lightweight aircraft due to technology making it possible. And the smaller they get the more an onboard camera and video link is needed to fly them adding to the enjoyment. I think it’s time for the honest individuals within the FAA who truly care about America to stop and take another look at reality as a whole with History in mind and accept what we all see happening.

    The FAA is taking a major step backwards in outright banning FPV that eliminates private property rights at the very least as all Americans have a right associated with basic Freedom and what America represents to fly remote control aircraft FPV on their own property up 400 ft. And I like all Americans should have the right to fly them FPV over public property as well when they do not endanger other people or property. With the exception of known corruption and it’s agenda that has infiltrated our Government which this hobby offends without merit as these are not the tools of choice to keep an eye on them, the FAA fails to see the danger to basic American rights in creating an outright ban on all FPV aircraft.

    I agree regulation is needed, but with the exception of a weight/size limitation for rotor craft, it is the enforcement of existing rules in effect that is required for non-commercial private operation, not more laws. This is shown by the fact that even in it’s most vulnerable time period of development there are no recorded incidents of an accident involving an FPV aircraft causing serious injury or damage to property. And despite few incidents this is not true of LOS flown RC Aircraft showing the hobby getting safer thanks to technology. The fact is while FPV flying has caused no harm automobiles continue to bring horror into people’s lives even when operated legally in good faith as a side effect of their essential need. There is always risk where Man’s needs are achieved. Should we stop trying to achieve greater goals and a better life?

    Again I suggest the FAA open it’s eyes and see reality for what it is and History warns about it becoming. In the eyes of many kids, many with gray hair now, the greatest reward for getting up and going to school or work is coming home to their family and their remote control aircraft. And flying them FPV is a dream come true that makes some sense out of the environmental costs that were required to create the technology. You really need to ask yourself how many dreams are required to be removed before all you are left with is a nightmare created by politicians who chase after the dollar, not society’s needed basic rights that create a template for Freedom. Look what happened on June 9, 2009 involving authority and the community response. That is the reality of what America is becoming.

  10. Mike with all due respect if I understand what you said I fully agree the commercial use of FPV piloted RC aircraft threatens the hobby without strict regulation where the regulatory expense should paid by the precipitants, not the general non-commercial hobbyists. I watched money and commercialization ruin surfing as a sport. But for personal use FPV is simply the healthy evolution of RC aircraft flying and allows much smaller aircraft to be used. What\’s needed is the laws already in effect to be enforced, not new ones added because not enforcing the rules already in effect resulted in having no effect with some irresponsible people. It\’s up to us to self regulate the sport and jump on people that do things that are stupid and wrong. FPV allows an experience that in some ways surpasses flying full scale aircraft. But I have no problem with a weight restriction to keep the sport safe and think this one rule that should be added.

    But on my own private property…. wait a second, what private property? Google June 9, 2009 and you will see (thanks to CERN\’s neutrino data matching SLAC E158 data reveling the cause of gravity) I have no private property left. There is a much deeper and sinister agenda happening within the FAA and the illegal misuse of authority within the US and it\’s all about greed and the power needed to support it. Imagine the police showing up at your house and illegally taking everything you own including all your RC aircraft because it includes evidence in a lawsuit you are about to win. That\’s what happened with an entire community watching too scared to stand up the police in fear of retaliation with some online denying it even happened so their view of the world could remain safe like a child covering it\’s eyes to make it go away. It\’s time to wake up to what the FAA like many other governmental agency is becoming if not already there. Look what they do to children boarding an airplane that are obviously not \”terrorists\” at a time the government knows who everyone is and what they do.

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