AMA Representatives discuss FAA rules tonight on RC Radio Network 8:30 PM EST

Tune in tonight for an interview with AMA’s Director Public Relations & Government Affairs Rich Hanson and AMA Executive Director Dave Mathewson.
There is no better place to be than taking part in the world wide club meeting called Air Show where we bring to you all the RC news, views and reviews and we do it live with you as part of the show.

On Monday, June 23rd, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) released an “Interpretive” review in which it presented FAA’s “reinterpretation” of the “Special Rule for Model Aircraft”  that was established by Congress in the FAA modernization and Reform Act of 2012. The AMA has reviewed the rule and is extremely disappointed and troubled by the approach the FAA has chosen to take in regards to this issue. AMA has voiced its opposition to FAA’s action and will pursue all available recourse to dissuade enactment of this rule but your help is needed.




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