Supporters of AK UAS Task Force Meet

In April of this year, the state of Alaska tabled its bill in favor of a joint Concurrent Resolution (HCR006C) that creates a legislative task force charged with reviewing regulations and operational guidance and making recommendations for a comprehensive state policy for unmanned aircraft that protects privacy and allows the use of (UAS) for public and private applications.

The combined efforts of the Academy’s board of directors, staff, and supportive AMA members in Alaska, including the specific acts of AMA member, Steve Colligan, the Alaska State Legislature offered the AMA a seat on its seven-member UAS Task Force. The task force is composed of a state senator, a state legislator, national and international experts in UAS, and representatives of the general aviation community, the University of Alaska-Unmanned Aircraft Systems Program, and the Academy of Model Aeronautics.

The task force will address industry concerns and draft legislation and rulemaking that will define best practices for UAS. The task force will compile and suggest practical changes, if required, that will allow for continued protection of Alaskan residents, protection of personal privacy rights, and future requirements for safe UAS operations.

AMA is pleased to participate with the state of Alaska, Governor Sean Parnell, and the Alaska Legislature in this endeavor.

Recently Steve Colligan, who has been instrumental in protective legislation efforts met with AK Legislator Shelley Hughes and Governor Sean Parnel at a delegation fundraiser at a local aviation facility. The group is pictured together.

AK Legislator Shelley Hughes, Governor Sean Parnel and AMA member Steve Colligan
AK Legislator Shelley Hughes, Governor Sean Parnel and AMA member Steve Colligan