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  1. If Bob intends to use unmanned aircraft to conduct an aerial photography business, he’ll need to follow the applicable rules and regulations as would any other business professional. As long as those rules and regs are not arbitrary and capricious in their nature, in order to stifle the rights of Bob to conduct his business. Remember, these are the same bureaucrats like Sec. of Energy Chu who recommended wasting $500,000,000 of the taxpayers money on Solyndra, which was just the tip of the proverbial iceberg… because his agenda is to have the price of gas skyrocket. People with agendas would love to stifle Bob’s commercial endeavor. Keep up the good work, Rich. I just wanted to make the point that, we the people, lobby our Congress to address our concerns, and that in turn, Congress makes Constitutional laws… and the FAA then acts not the other way around. We are in danger when we allow our great country to be ruled by bureaucrats.

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