House Bill Does Not Yet Protect Model Aviation

Both the Senate and the House have prepared Bills that address the FAA’s Re-Authorization. S.223 has already passed the Senate and it contains an amendment to exempt model aviation. Click here to view the amendment. H.R. 658 is on the House floor awaiting passage and does NOT yet have a similar amendment. We are actively meeting with Representatives on the Hill and working to build support for such an amendment. While we have had many promising meetings, we still need your help.

Please continue to urge your Representative to safeguard model aviation by supporting an exemption in H.R. 658 similar to that passed by the Senate. If you haven’t done so, send a letter in just a few clicks to your lawmakers urging the protection of model aviation. Together we can protect model aviation from pending federal regulation.

-Rich Hanson, AMA Government Relations and Regulatory Affairs Representative