Candid Letter About the AMA

A recent posting on the AMAGov Facebook Page got me to thinking and reflecting back on my own feelings about the AMA. I’ve been a member and part of AMA for over 40 years and for me AMA has always been the heart beat of the hobby. AMA has consistently been at the forefront of nurturing and protecting Model Aviation with the goal of ensuring this activity survives and thrives for the enjoyment of generations of aeromodeling enthusiasts. But, I think Arend Schuurman put it much better than I can. Arend, Thank you for your candid and heart-felt posting.

-Rich Hanson, AMA Government Relations and Regulatory Affairs Representative

Arend Schuurman wrote:You know, not too many years ago I was a actually quite anti-AMA. I had at that time a misconception that the AMA was simply a waste of money and a bunch of ego-centered blowhards.

Well, a few years of maturity, some research in to what the AMA stands for, and the desire to belong to an organization who stands for the advancement of model aviation I am a proud member. It is because of the AMA I have become aware of the current items before the FAA. It is because of the AMA I am able to meet far more friends through AMA fun flys and the like. It goes to show that one should not always assume everything.

Thank you to the AMA for being there and helping make this hobby what it is. Who knows, maybe with time and a little luck, the AMA may gain a member or two when my children are older and start enjoying this hobby with their old man.