Register today for National Model Aviation Day to be included in Model Aviation magazine

The Academy would like to thank the 107 clubs that have already registered for National Model Aviation Day, scheduled for August 17, 2013. Clubs must register by the end of the day today to be included in the National Model Aviation ad that will be part of the August edition of Model Aviation.

National Model Aviation day has been developed to celebrate the storied history of model aviation, celebrate and promote the hobby, and to support a great cause. This year, the AMA and all participating clubs are asked to help raise money for the Wounded Warrior Project. Not only will this first inaugural event be a celebration of a hobby we love, but it is also a great opportunity to introduce model aviation to your friends, family, and community members.

All registered clubs will receive the following:

•             Access to the National Model Aviation Day club resources page.

•             Event publicity.

•             Special Three-Month Trial AMA membership offer to help recruit new members.

•             Formal recognition by the Academy of Model Aeronautics’ Executive Council with a certificate of participation.

Thank you to the following clubs for signing up for the event:

  1. Aeroguidance Society
  2. Aeromodelismo Borinquen, Inc.
  3. Alliance Balsa Bees
  4. Alvin RC Model Association 1307
  5. Bend Aero Modelers
  6. Bend Aero Modelers
  7. Beresford Area Radio Flyers
  8. Blacksheep RC Modelers
  9. Boerne Area Model Society
  10. Brainbusters
  11. Casa Grande RC Flyers
  12. Celina Flying Sportsmen
  13. Central Arizona Modelers #898
  14. Central Florida Free Flight Club
  15. Charlotte Aeromodelers
  16. Chenango Bridge Airport
  17. Chesapeake Bay Radio Control
  18. Cocalico Propbusters
  19. Colonial Virginia Aeromodelers
  20. Deep River R/C Flying Club
  21. Dekalb R/C Flyers
  22. East Texas Aero Modelers
  23. Farview R/C Flyers
  24. Flying Aces Pilots Association
  25. Flying Griffins
  26. Gateway RC
  27. Georgetown Aero Modelers Association, Inc.
  28. Greater Detroit Soaring and Hiking Society
  29. Greensboro Radio Aeromodelers
  30. Hagerstown Indiana RC Club
  31. Hampton Roads Radio Control Inc.
  32. Harford County RC Modelers
  33. Hastings Skylarks
  34. Hawks R/C Junior Aviators
  35. Hemet Model Masters & Valley Wide RC Electric Club
  36. High Sierra Radio Control Club
  37. Hill Country Aeromodelers
  38. Horizon City Flyers
  39. Hot Springs RC Club #676
  40. Hot Springs RC Flying Club
  41. Hudson Valley Radio Control Club
  42. Imperial Radio Control Club #727
  43. Indian River Kontrol Society Inc.
  44. Indian River Kontrol Society Inc.
  45. Island Flyers RC
  46. Jersey Coast Sport Fliers
  47. Jersey Sky Devils
  48. Jetero RC Club
  49. Kansas City Northern Knights
  50. Kent Radio Aeromodelers
  51. Keystone Clippers R/C MAC
  52. La Pine R/C Flyers
  53. Laurel Highlands Model Airplane Club
  54. Lazy Loopers Flying Club
  55. Lehigh Valley Radio Control Society
  56. Marymoor R/C Club
  57. Menifee Valley Flyers #1717
  58. Mid Arkansas Radio Control Society
  59. Mid Hudson Radio Control Society
  60. Minot Aircraft Modelers
  61. MMRCHA
  62. MS Coast Radio Control Club 1266
  63. National Model Aviation Museum
  64. Newport News Park RC Club
  65. Norfolk Aeromodelers
  66. Nutmeg R/C Flyers, Inc.
  67. NVRC
  68. Oklahoma Sooner Squadron
  69. On Top of The World R/C Flyers
  70. Orange Coast Radio Control Club
  71. Orange County Model Association
  72. Ottumwa Radio Control Flyers
  73. Ozark Mountain Barnstormers
  74. Patuxent Aeromodelers
  75. Pekin R.C. Club, Inc. #755
  76. Porter City RC’ers
  77. Prop Floppers
  78. Radio Control Club of CT
  79. Radio Control Club of Detroid RCCD
  80. RAMS #649
  81. Reno Radio Control Club, Inc.
  82. Rivanna Radio Control Club
  83. Roberta Rebels RC
  84. Rocket City Radio Controllers
  85. Rockwell Collins Model Aviators
  86. Santa Fe Dam RC Modelers
  87. Screaming Eagles R/C Club, Inc.
  88. Seminole RC #216
  89. Shadetree MAA
  90. Sonoran Desert Flyers, Inc.
  91. Springfield RC Club
  92. The Evergreen Aero Modelers
  93. Tidewater Model Soaring Society
  94. Tobacco Valley Flyers
  95. Tri City Flyers
  96. Tri County RC Flyers
  97. Tri-Valley R/C Modelers
  98. Trumbull Indian Ledge R /C Club
  99. Tucson Radio Control Club
  100. Tulsa Glue Dobbers
  101. Victoria Radio Controlled Flyers
  102. Wally’s Squadron R/C Flyers
  103. West Alabama Aero Modelers
  104. Westerville Model Aeronautic Association
  105. WindWalkers RC Club
  106. Wolverine Skyhawks, Inc.
  107. Yuma Aeromodelers

For more information about National Model Aviation Day, or to register, please visit

National Model Aviation Day
National Model Aviation Day

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