After 50 Years it’s Still Fun

Over the weekend, the Paul Bunyan Model Fly Club was featured in their local paper, the Brainerd Dispatch for being a club that continues to promote and enjoy the hobby of model aeronautics. One member of the club, Troy Harris says, “I could easily be out here for six to eight hours and so could most of these guys. And to add to the fun, when we come out here we set up a potluck with shaded tents and bring our wives and children and really make a day out of it. We just sit around and talk airplanes and everybody takes turns flying. It’s just a lot of fun.”

The club invites others in the area to stop by the Jim Kounkel Field, a privately owned field on Kounkel’s farm south of Brainerd near St. Mathias to see what it is all about. Jim Thompson, a life-long modeler and Paul Bunyan Model Fly Club member think everyone should try it. “It’s something you do until it stops being fun,” he said. “And that just hasn’t happened yet.”

For more information, including a video, please visit the Brainerd Dispatch’s website  or visit the club’s website.



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