Aeromodelers Club of Guam: Far Away but Flying High

The Academy of Model Aeronautics if proud to have clubs all around the country, and in other U.S. territories, including Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands, and our friends to the East, Guam. The Aeromodelers Club of Guam is one club that is far away, but promoting the hobby with great strides by attending events and taking advantage of their pilot-approved beautiful weather and scenery by hosting their own events for local modelers and spectators.

On April 21the club was hosted by United Airlines Micronesia for their 7th annual Airplane Pull benefiting the American Cancer Society.  They had about thirty models consisting of airplanes, helicopters and quadcopters displayed for the public to enjoy, including the set-up of a Real Flight simulator, and answered questions of the many interested attendees.

Although they are thousands of miles away and a day ahead of the of the 50 states, the Guam Aeromodelers Club is alive and kicking, bringing both local Chamorro’s and military families together.

Learn more about the Aeromodelers Club of Guam by visiting their facebook page.



  1. I visited the Facebook page and watched all the videos you have, and that makes me smile!
    I wish I could own an RC plane soon. By the way, i like the color blue RC plane with a mixture of white! It is so pretty!

  2. Ahoy, Braintree Massachusets calling. Snowing as hard as it needs to. Expecting 7-15 cm of snow. Not too bad. Why am I calling? I am a ship model repairman and have an issue about whicn one of your members may be able to offer some advice and guidance. I have a model canoe that I believe is a Proa (Flying Proa or Ulua)that is in need of some TLC.
    Based on my scans of the WWW it looks to be of a configuration of boat from the Marianas. I have the hull (less one prow, the ama,the paddle and even a water bailer. The mast and the sail are gone…. I wonder if one of your members may know anything about these craft or knows someone who does. I am looking to replace the missing part of the hull, estimate the size of the mast and sail and obtain some local stock to make the mast, booms, sail and line. Just thought I would give you guys a try, as I belong to the USS Constitution Model Shipwright Guild and we frequently get requests such as mine. We have a WWW should anyone care to peek.
    Well, gotta git the ole snow blower primed. It is going up to 16 degrees this afternoon and I want to take advantage of the warm weather to clear the drive.
    Jich Estano, Braintree Ma 781 248 9876

  3. Will be visiting Guam last two weeks of April. Curious if there are any events I can bring my grandkids to, so they can watch some pro flying.Thanks.

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