The Franklin County Radio Control Club to host Fun Fly on Father’s Day

The Franklin County Radio Control Club of Turners Falls, MA has announced that they will be hosting a Fun Fly on Father’s Day (June 17th)

This is the third Fun Fly event for the club. They are hoping for a great turn-out, 500-600 people!

Like many other AMA Clubs, they appreciate the attendance of all modelers but also hope to bring in individuals and families from the community to try the hobby for free.

Highlights of this great event include:

  • A table for kids to come and build gliders and enjoy outdoor games.
  • Computer Simulators to build flying skills
  • Buddy box systems will be available for new flyers to fly real trainer planes.
  • Hourly demonstrations by District 1 pattern flight champion Dean Lampron with some very large model planes that have 10 foot wing-spans!!
  • FPV demonstrations
  • Local music from a local DJ
  • Cliff’s Smoking BackYard BBQ providing delicious low cost BBQ
  • Lots of modelers from various clubs showing off their planes and skills
  • Most of the event is TAG Grant funded, provided by the AMA.

 Click here for more information.


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