Wings Across America 2008 hits 48 States

Pilot number 365 has now flown SQuiRT, the battery powered Radio Controlled (RC) airplane designated as a park flyer in the 48th continental state.  When receiving the model, pilot Don Sims added miles to the 23,824 miles it had already traveled in Dyer, Tennessee. Each pilot involved is ecstatic to accomplish this goal, as this is something that has never been done before.

The 4.5 year adventure SQuiRT has been on has been a fun one. The pilots have not only promoted model aviation every day, but have helped to promote the AMA and its membership. Each pilot has done their part, either by flying, replacing broken props or by donating funds to help with the project.

The project is far from over, however. At least 30 pilots are signed up to fly the plane, with many more likely to sign-up.  By the end of the journey who knows how many flights will be under SQuiRT’s belt. The sky is the limit!

Special thanks go out to all the pilots, with special recognition for a few people who went above and beyond on the project. Walter G has tirelessly performed his duties the WAA-08 webmaster during the  4.5 years project, taking on hundreds of emails and new updates and photos to publish.  Don W has generated pilot certificates for the adventure and has been doing such a wonderful job at that.  Jerry B has offered to make the 2012 WAA-08 Collage for this year.  Thanks to all the sponsors who helped reach the 48 continental states as well. These sponsors have donated ESCs, servos, a LiPo Sack, to MaxAMPs for powering the adventure, and other necessities. This includes Bill Stevens who provided the airplane that has been used on the adventure.  Thanks to John Redman from Horizon Hobby for the DX6i transmitter.

To learn more about Wings Across America 2008 view this link:

And, to volunteer or participate view this link:


  1. I live in Alaska- There are a number of RC clubs in the state- same for Hawaii- why were Alaska and Hawaii ignored?

    1. Hi Dennis,

      These great states are not being ignored, the project is still going. I am not sure of all the places they still have to visit, but they still have at least 30 people scheduled to fly the plane. Please visit this link: to let those running the project know you are interested in being part of this great adventure.

      Thank you.

    2. Dennis,

      Alaska and Hawaii are not in the mix because the Squirt
      must be hand delivered from pilot to pilot.
      The travel distance would be too great.

      Steve (WAA pilot #83)

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