What to Expect at AMA Jr. Camp

The Academy of Model Aeronautics’ Education department is pleased to present AMA Jr. Camp this year! In lieu of an in-person experience, the AMA Jr. Camp will be fully virtual, and lessons will cater to youth ages 512 to provide a fun and educational introduction to the concepts of aviationIn the afternoons, we will host conversations with aviation professionals who have a passion for model aviation. These conversations will be open to everyone and will be something people of all ages won’t want to miss.  

Jr. Camp AMA will place July 610, 2020. 

Below is a list of frequently asked questions. Feel free to email us at education@modelaircraft.org if you have any additional questions about AMA Jr. Camp! 

What is AMA Jr. Camp?  

AMA Jr. Camp is an online, virtual camp experience, developed and presented by the Academy of Model Aeronautics. It is designed to be a fun, preparatory course for youth ages 5-12 to learn model aviation fundamentals that will help to prepare them for future, more advanced aeromodeling opportunities. The presentation will include conversations with aviation professionals who have a passion for model aviation. 

For what age group is AMA Jr. Camp intended? 

The focus of the morning activities is for children ages 5-12, and all ages will enjoy the conversations later in the day. 

When will AMA Jr. Camp take place? 

AMA Jr. Camp will take place July 610, 2020. There will be daily morning and afternoon sessions. The morning session will revolve around educational, STEM-based activities and the afternoon session will involve interviews with professionals in the aerospace industry who got their start through model aviation. These sessions will occur at 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. EDT respectively. 

How much does AMA Jr. Camp cost? 

While registration for AMA Jr. Camp is free, in order to receive the AMA Jr. Camp Flight Pack which contains not only project instructions but also most of the materials needed to complete the STEM-based activities each morning, you will be prompted to pay $35 per child upon registration. Please note that there are only enough materials per Flight Pack for one camper, so multiple Flight Packs are recommended for families signing up multiple children.  

Do I have to purchase a Flight Pack? 

No, but in order to ensure that you have all the materials on hand for the activities, it is recommended that you do. We will release a materials list before Jr. Camp to allow families to source appropriate materials. 

Does purchasing a Flight Pack register me for AMA Jr. Camp? 

No, you must also register your child for AMA Jr. Camp in addition to purchasing the kit. Registration for camp is free, however, the Flight Pack is not.  

When will I receive my Flight Pack? 

The AMA will begin sending out Flight Packs two weeks before AMA Jr. Camp in order to ensure timely arrival of the materials. Tracking numbers will be made available upon request.  

Does my child have to be an AMA member to participate in AMA Jr. Camp? 

No, but we encourage signing your child up to be an AMA Youth Member! Children and young adults under 19 as of July 1, 2020, receive free youth membership. You can sign your child up for a free Youth Membership at www.modelaircraft.org/membership/membership-options/academy-model-aeronautics-youth-membership. 

How will you protect my child’s privacy? Who has access to the AMA Jr. Camp videos? 

As with all use of the internet by a minor, we recommend you supervise your child when participating in AMA Jr. Camp. Not only will this help guarantee a safe online environment for them, but you will also get to be a part of camp and do all the activities your child does!   

The morning session of AMA Jr. Camp will be hosted within a private video chat that can only be accessed by a link we provide to the parents of our campers. AMA staff will be on camera, guiding you and your child(ren) through the projects. Neither you nor your child will be on camera, but we encourage you to utilize the chat function and comment on the livestream if you have any questions about the activities.  

The afternoon session of AMA Jr. Camp, which will consist of interviews with aerospace professionals, will be more widely accessible via Facebook and YouTubeAgain, we encourage you to utilize the chat function and comment on the livestream to submit questions for our panelists.  

Will the traditional Camp AMA take place next year? 

Yes! We are planning to conduct the in-person Camp AMA in 2021. This weeklong camp is open to 13– to 17yearolds who are interested in getting started in aeromodeling and have prior experience in flying RC models. Not only will campers enjoy a week of flying at the International Aeromodeling Center in Muncie, Indiana, but they will also receive guidance, mentorship, and instruction from world-class RC pilots and aerospace professionals. To complete the camp experience, we’ll be rounding out the week with super fun pool partydelicious barbecue cookout, and exciting night flying!    

Supply List (Added 6-8-2020)

  • AMA Jr Camp Lesson Plans (You’ll receive a link to download these soon!)
  • Scotch tape
  • 3 pencils
  • Ball point pen
  • Markers
  • Penny
  • 9inch Styrofoam plate
  • Gift Wrap Tissue Paper
  • Yarn
  • Brown Paper Grocery Bag
  • String
  • Party Streamers
  • Plastic Water Bottle
  • Baking Soda
  • White Vinegar
  • Cork (Size #10)
  • Measuring Cups
  • Measuring Spoons
  • Funnel
  • Paper Towel/Napkin/Tissue
  • AMA Alpha [Purchase One Here!]


  1. Hi!
    How much yarn, gift wrap paper and party streamers do we need? We did not get any in the package.
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Susan! Thanks for asking. You will need 3-inch yarn, one piece of tissue paper, and 2 six-foot streamers. These should all be inside your flight project packets (#3 and #4) already though if you haven’t yet opened any.

  2. Hi. I just signed up for the camp and haven’t received the secure link to the camp yet. Can you please help? Thank you!

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