The Life of a modeler, and his wife.

The Washington Post article, by Cathy Alter, September 20, 2012

Written from a modeler’s wife’s perspective, the very clever Washington Post article “For radio-control plan enthusiasts, the sky’s the limit” offers insight into the fascinating world of a model airplane enthusiast. Throughout the article Cathy offers details of her husband’s experience with RC as well as the process Andy Kane a member of DCRC has gone through to participate in Top Gun.

From an outsider’s perspective, she explains, the RC world most closely approaches the realm of the dog show. She relates the two because of the many categories and subcategories of the sport. Her husband tells her when referring to model aeronautics, “This has been invented by people who are crazy about classifying and specializing in what they do.” Why, because the hobby is “infested” with scientists and engineers. Although the hobby has many esteemed professionals, they remain modest, with their “egos on display only in the form of their aircraft.”

When Cathy asks the men about their wives, it seems that they must accept their passion for flying. Says one hobbyist, “It keeps us out of their hair.” Andy’s wife Toni, who has known him since he started modeling says, “He loves what he does. I wish to heck I had that kind of passion.”

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Kane and friend David Fepelstein of Potomac monitor the engine of Kane’s plane engine before takeoff. Kane joined the DCRC when he was 11 and has served as its secretary and president and editor of the club’s monthly newsletter.
Joseph Victor Stefanchik / FOR THE WASHINGTON POST

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