Taking Flight: model aviation events can engage your community

Hosting a model aviation event can be a fantastic way for AMA members to connect with your local community and share the fun of the hobby with newcomers. This month, we’d like to highlight an upcoming AMA-sanctioned event that also aims to showcase the educational value of model aviation in regards to science, technology, engineering, art and math (STE(A)M). 

Taking Flight is an event created and organized by Paul Kaup of STEM+C, an authorized AMA STE(A)M program partner. It is a day-long immersive experience in Gilbert, AZ featuring aviation, aeronautics, aerospace and robotics. It is designed to engage attendees in RC fixed-wing and mult-rotor flying, rocketry, RC cars and trucks while providing information about local STEM educational programs and career opportunities. Taking Flight is scheduled for Saturday, April 9 at Gilbert Park in Gilbert, AZ under AMA sanction #12678. 

Logos for STEM+C and the Taking Flight event.

Some planned activities include open flying, buddy-boxing, flight simulators, build-and-fly rockets, build-fly-repair foam RC aircraft, foam RC combat, helicopter demos, FPV (first-person view flying), and robotics demos. You can find full details about STEM+C and the Taking Flight event here, including how to participate as a pilot or support the event as a sponsor.

Organizing an event of this scale takes a great deal of commitment, planning, fundraising and volunteer time. If a smaller event is more your speed, an open house or family day at your flying site can still make an impact on your local community. If hosting an event is not feasible but you still want to spread awareness of the hobby, consider looking for opportunities to have a booth space or provide a flight demonstration (in accordance with the AMA safety code and all applicable regulations, of course) at a community festival, market or educational event. 

People watch a model aircraft flight demonstration at AMA Expo from the spectator area.

If you plan to participate in a community event to promote model aviation, AMA’s education department has resources and information that can help you find success! We would love to hear from you and provide assistance. To discuss your event and options for educational support materials, please reach out to us at education@modelaircraft.org


  1. Thank you for encouraging outreach Emily.
    I like to say to our members “reach out to outreach”! There are always ways to reach beyond our immediate aeromodelling and AMA community. Always “preaching to the choir” doesn’t add any singers! It can encourage the choir to reach out. Community “friend-raising” and cultivating relationships with: parents, local business, local politicians, school boards, etc. is integral to maintaining and finding additional flying venues. As we enter the time (Sept 2022) for FRIA- FAA Recognized Identification Areas which will provide designated flying sites with minimal or no required remote ID it is imperative that our clubs form, cultivate, and strengthen relationships in our local communities. Introducing and advocating for AMA and aeromodelling with Educational (schools, STEAM teachers, administrators, etc) and Public (community events, Parks, businesses, etc) outreach efforts will only strengthen our One Community! Think outside the box. Reach out to your district officers for assistance. Be informed and get engaged.
    Thanks again for spreading the good word on outreach.
    Daren Hudson
    District 1 AVP, Education/ Public Outreach Advocate

    1. Clarification for previous statement Re: FRIAs- Application process is scheduled to begin Sept 2022). Since the implementation of the 2018 re authorization act is incremental these dates are all estimated. Check the AMA Gov. Affairs Blog for details.

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