The outbreak of the COVID-19 virus has had a dramatic effect on our nation and our society. To a lesser extent, it has impacted the aeromodeling community. By the time you read this, we’ll hopefully be on the back side of the viral proliferation curve; however, as of today we’re still anticipating a peak in the spread of the virus and new guidelines, restrictions, and precautions are put in place daily. It’s important that we follow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines and adhere to local health authority and government directives.
This is not to say that we can’t continue to participate in the hobby and enjoy our aeromodeling activities, but we need to consider our fellow hobbyists and club members and be attentive in practicing safe hygiene and preventative measures. The average age of our members falls within the vulnerable age category, making it imperative that we be vigilant in adhering to the current guidelines and restrictions.
The impact of the COVID-19 virus varies significantly across the country. Some areas have been severely impacted with thousands of infections, while others report only a handful of cases. It’s important to follow local restrictions and directives. AMA clubs and members need to consider their individual circumstances when participating in model aviation activities. The following suggestions are offered to protect yourself and others while allowing everyone to continue to enjoy the hobby:


Clubs should endeavor to provide hand-cleaning materials at club facilities or members should supply their own.
Clubs should sanitize club facilities such as restrooms, kitchens, dining, and seating areas.
All members should adopt good hygiene practices and social distancing when interacting with others.
Members should not use communal cups or shared kitchenware. Bring your own or use packaged, disposable utensils.
Members should frequently wash their hands in warm water for a minimum of 20 seconds, use paper products to avoid directly touching doors, club locks, refrigerators, etc., and avoid touching their mouths and faces.
Avoid personal contact such as shaking hands. A congenial wave, eye contact, and a friendly hello make for a great greeting.
Clubs should consider suspending communal meals such as snacks, barbecues, and potlucks, and encourage members to bring their own food.
If supplying food, clubs should ensure that food preparation complies with local health standards and is served using gloves, aprons, and hairnets to prevent contamination.
Avoid sneezing or coughing over food or in the presence of others, and use a tissue or your sleeve to capture escaping droplets.
If you have any COVID-19 symptoms (fever, cough, sore throat, fatigue or difficulty breathing), self-isolate and don’t participate in club activities until you’re clear of symptoms. If diagnosed with the COVID-19 virus, wait to go out in public until you’re cleared by competent medical personnel.

Club Events

AMA has recently issued the following policy regarding aeromodeling events affected by the COVID-19 outbreak:

“Because of the administrative and insurance costs associated with issuing a sanction for an event, AMA policy does not offer refunds or credits for canceled or rescheduled events. Given the evolving situation with COVID-19 and guidance from the CDC, AMA will be temporarily amending this policy for events scheduled through May 31, 2020. If a CD [contest director] or EM [event manager] cancels an event, AMA will allow sanctions, events ads purchased through the sanctioning portal, and insurance certificates to be rescheduled at no additional charge. Events must be rescheduled during the 2020 calendar year.

“We will make every effort to promptly reschedule the event to include updating the online event listing at Because of deadlines with Model Aviation magazine, we cannot guarantee rescheduled events will be reflected immediately in the magazine. To reschedule your event taking place between now and May 31, 2020, at no charge, please email or call (765) 287-1256, ext. 252, and provide the name of the CD or EM, event details, and new date change.”

Clubs should consider postponing large events and postpone or cancel events that involve attendance by members from other clubs or the public occurring during the COVID-19 pandemic.
These suggestions are not exhaustive, and clubs should consider implementing other preventative measures as appropriate. All individual clubs face unique conditions within their respective communities. As such, they should make their own rules and policies based on their local circumstances; however, all clubs should consider putting in place temporary rules necessary to protect their members and the general public.

Safety is our primary focus. Whether it is rules regarding the operation of our model aircraft or the procedures relating to hosting events and meetings, our responsibility is to our community and the general public.

In the grand scheme of things, the saga of COVID-19 virus will be relatively short-lived and we’ll soon be back to enjoying this great hobby that we all love.


  1. I am not comfortable with the idea of still having our porta potties open for use. Of course sanitizing them is helpful but there is no telling if an infected person uses them followed by others. There is no way of controlling whoever uses them if he or she wipes it down appropriately.

    All clubs should send out notices immediately saying:
    All on site porta potties should be taken out of commission.
    All shelters/sheds should be cordoned off with”police tape”
    Each and every person should bring their own chair.
    All individual garbage should be taken out by each individual.
    Spectators should abide by all these club rules and Authorities guidelines

  2. I have a FF contest scheduled for the IAC on May 30-31. Our club has a FF contest scheduled for the first weekend in June at the IAC. Will the AMA take any roll in allowing/canceling contests at the IAC or will such decision be solely left up to the sponsoring parties ? Assuming all proper procedures – social distancing, hygiene etc..are followed.

    1. In coordination with event managers, AMA has cancelled or rescheduled all IAC events to comply with Indiana’s Stay-at-Home Executive Order. The Executive Order is currently scheduled through April 20, but may be extended. While there are still many unknowns, at this time we do not anticipate the order will be extended until late May or early June. Events can be conducted at the IAC after the Executive Order has been lifted, assuming all event managers follow local and federal recommendations. We are posting updates to

  3. Let’s be very clear. Clubs have a set of by-laws they must adhere to. This emergency in no way empowers anyone to change the rules without following the procedures in those by-laws. Mob rule will only open up officers to legal issues and destructive club behavior. Suggestion and recommendations are about that can be done with out an official club meeting and quorum. If the land is leased there maybe conditions there and if connected to a county site there maybe conditions there to govern your club. It is highly suggested you amend your by-laws to reflect such lease agreements.

    With a clear set of rules a club can prosper as the direction for all is clear and fair.

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