National Volunteer Month

Volunteerism runs deep among AMA members. It has been a foundation of our organization’s success in many forms, going back to when it was established in 1936. From organizing events to assuming leadership positions in clubs, Special Interest Groups, contest boards, the AMA Foundation, the Leader Member program, and our Executive Council, volunteers are the backbone of AMA. 

April has been recognized as National Volunteer Month in the US since 1991. As flying season begins for more members throughout the country, there’s never been a better time to recognize our volunteers, from the club member who mows the grass to your fellow members who help grow the hobby by mentoring new enthusiasts, to other individuals in leadership positions who guide the organization into the future. 

Does your club have a “unsung hero” you would like to celebrate and share? Or maybe you know a volunteer who have given to his or her community in some way that has brought recognition to your club. Perhaps your club volunteers in some manner on a regular basis, such as Toys for Tots. Maybe you have stepped into those big shoes in some manner. 

What’s your story? We encourage members to share their story on our social media channels, to include our Facebook group, I Fly AMA

Here are some resources on the AMA website

Read more about how AMA volunteers helped the National Model Aviation Museum become a world-class resource

Want to help “pay it forward” by mentoring and sharing this great hobby with the next generation of model aviation builders and flyers? Contact the Education department by emailing

Interested in stepping up to help run an event? Find out how to become an AMA Contest Director or Event Manager

There are many other volunteer leadership opportunities, to include your club, if you belong to one, or even at the national level. For example, find out more about the AMA Leader Member Program

The policy and direction-setting body for the AMA is the Executive Council (EC), made up entirely of non-paid volunteers. If you want to step up and make a difference in where the AMA is heading, and have the right qualifications, consider running for a seat on the Executive Council.

Many members might not know that the AMA Foundation is led by volunteers. Who are they? Learn more about the Foundation. 

—by Rob Kurek, Communications director

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