Are you building a WWI-era model aircraft?

Are you a modeler of WWI aircraft? Bob Kasprzak and the Military Heritage Chapter of the League of WWI Aviation want to help you. The chapter’s mission is to promote the study of WWI aviation history. Members from the Dayton, Cincinnati and Columbus, Ohio area meet quarterly to research and preserve WWI aviation history.

With the centennial of WWI upon us, there may be a greater interest from AMA model builders in building and flying biplanes.  A majority of builders strive for the best replication of an aircraft’s original markings and colors. Chapter members are a resource for builders perfecting authentic WWI aircraft from all nations and all aircraft that participated in the Great War.

If interested, visit the Military Heritage Chapter’s Facebook page or visit the League of WWI Aviation Historians website for contact information.


Quarterly meeting of the Military Heritage Chapter of the League of WWI Aviation


A WWI-era biplane on display at a quarterly meeting of the Military Chapter of the League of WWI Aviation

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  1. My Grandfather Built the Newport for France in world war One and also flew the planes during the war His name was Gus Gaethofs and he came fron Antwerp Belgium. He also built his own plane in his house and i saw him sitting in it in a Picture. I also had Pictures of aces during the war that my grandmother had but i lost them I belong to AMA and wanted to build one but did not have the Money. Fly On i Love it. Joe Gaethofs

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