Introducing Model Aviation at Purdue Aviation Day

Several AMA staff members were on-hand to introduce the attendees of Purdue Aviation Day to model aviation!


One of the ways to get people started with model aviation is to provide some time on the sticks with an RC flight simulator. Our newly refurbished experience includes five flight simulator stations running Realflight Evolution.

An AMA staff member is helping with the flight simulators.

The Purdue Aviation Day event was the debut of our newly refurbished AMA Model Aviation Experience, sponsored by WING. Several families were able to experience the joy of flight together. Some even said that this activity was their favorite part of the event!

It was a busy day for sure. Sometimes we even had a line of patient people waiting to fly on the simulators.

It was a great event, the weather was perfect, and we hope some were even inspired to connect with an AMA club.

Look for The AMA Model Aviation Experience sponsored by WING on the road in 2024.

Planned events include:

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