I Fly AMA Video Series 

Do you know someone new to AMA? Maybe your club has recently welcomed a new batch of members. AMA introduces a new series of short videos perfect for individuals new to AMA and model aviation. Less than 2 minutes each, the five videos can be shared on social media or viewed at a club meeting. They are a great supplement to the video, “What is the Academy of Model Aeronautics?” Even longtime members may find them interesting and worth sharing with friends who ask, “So why do you enjoy building and flying model airplanes, and what is the AMA?” 


Since 1936, AMA’s mission has been to grow the hobby through our aeromodeling community. We value the tradition and camaraderie on display at every club field, fun fly and contest. Whether it’s an introductory pilot or a world champion competitor, the community that makes up the AMA is the past, present, and future of our great hobby.


Model aviation is a valuable pathway to incredible careers, and it all starts with the problem solving skills learned at the field. The AMA is dedicated to maintaining those pathways and to inspire the next generation.


Competition drives innovation, and for nearly a century, the Academy of Model Aeronautics has led the way by shaping the rules and standards by which competitions are conducted. That way, pilots can focus on what they do best: fly.


Preserving, protecting, and advocating for our freedom to fly is the focus of the AMA government team. We represent our members at the local, state, and federal level on legislative and regulatory issues that could potentially impact our longstanding hobby. As the collective voice for our members and the hobby, our team works to share the message of our safe operations in the airspace.


Preserving the history of aeromodeling has been a mission of the AMA for over 75 years, and the National Model Aviation Museum has led the way in keeping that history alive and sharing it with aeromodelers around the world.

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