1. I was fortunate to meet two Tuskegee airmen at the 2018 Reno Air Races. Two fine gentlemen that happily signed autographs in the hot weather even though they were in their 90’s. Real persons of history!

  2. Best interview ever we need more people like n him to tell there story I belong to Detroit ARO Model At Jefferson field We help to grow are hobby It’s a good field Thank You for sharing his life as a Tuskegee Airmen

  3. Thank you Lt. Col Jefferson for courage and bravery for all of us Americans. Your stories are extremely interesting.

  4. Great I really think that it was a very exiting Pod cast. I am retired Military as well.

    L.A. Correa

  5. It is wonderful to hear from Mr. Jefferson. May God bless him. Perhaps he might tell the FCC about how model airplanes should be honored as a tool to help youngsters and older people to appreciate model aeronautics and professional aeronautical engineering. I live in East Hartford, CT where all of our engines are designed and made there to keep this country safe by Pratt and Whitney. Being interested in model aeronautics may influence some to become tomorrow’s aeronautical engineers.

  6. Thank you Lt. Col Alexander Jefferson for your service to our great country and also thank you for your contribution to USA history.

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