Calling all electric flight enthusiast

If you’re into electric flight and don’t get Park Pilot, you’ve missed a lot!

The Winter 2013 issue had all kinds of fun and exciting content, including the “Solar-Powered Charging Stations” cover feature, and eight Pilot’s Choice Product Reviews from seaplanes and aerobats to scalelike racers and heavy-metal warbirds.

Park Pilot brings you firsthand building and flying tips from Rob Caso, Dave Lockhart, Eric Henderson, Jeff & Devin Troy, Mark Fadely, and other personalities, as well as construction articles, three new-product showcases, event coverage, and hot cover features. In nearly every issue, Rachelle Haughn interviews aeromodeling greats in “The Other Side of the Tree Line,” and tou’re further entertained by the “Park Logic” puzzle, “Park Solutions,” and other fun and informative additions.

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Coming in the Spring 2013 Park Pilot:
Build It! EP/RC Conversions for stick-and-tissue kits
12 Pilot’s Choice Product Reviews, including:

Blade Nano CP X
Durafly SE5a
Hitec Optic Sport 2.4
Flyzone Corsair F4U Select
Heli-Max 1SQ Quadcopter
Stevens AeroModel Pietenpol Sky Scout
North Penn Winter Blues Fun-Fly—and so much more!

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