AMA Air – Season 6, Episode 1 – January 1st, 2020

We’re bringing you a brand-new format for AMA Air! In this episode of AMA Air, check out the newly redesigned set! Also, hear about some important FAA regulatory updates, see the 2019 year in review AMA Video Rewind, and listen to a letter written by a historic participant at the Tournament of Champions at Clover Creek.

Links: to learn more about the FAA NPRM on Remote ID and the open comment period to listen to the latest episode of the AMA Podcast… to view the Academy of Model Aeronautics Hall of Fame to check out Joshua Bardwell’s website to learn more about the charity that the Holly Springs Skyhawks Radio Control Club donated to for their Flying For Good award. to learn more about joining the largest aeromodelling organization!

Videos in the 2019 Rewind:

Rhett Lambert on Dude Perfect, Nickelodeon –

One Small Step for Model Aviation Documentary –

Aerofest in Longmont, CO –

MultiGP IO 2019 Recap –

IRCHA 2019 Recap –

NATS Demystified Playlist –…

Why FPV at RMRC FPV Fest 2019 –

AMA Podcast Bonus Government Update –

AMA Air “Final Episode” of 2019 –

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