AMA volunteer opportunities: Let your leadership shine!

Have you ever considered the rewards of volunteering your time to help the Academy of Model Aeronautics move forward? Do you know of someone with strong leadership abilities and a desire to serve so that the next generation of aeromodelers can continue to enjoy this great hobby?

If so, consider asking someone to nominate you,  or nominate someone you know, to fill an open seat as a district vice president on the AMA Executive Council. This year, there are open seats in Districts II, IV, VI, VIII, and X. All that is required is that the person currently serves as a Leader Member and lives in the district with an open seat.

District vice presidents serve for three years and can serve for up to three consecutive terms.

To find out more about the process click here:

To see a list of current districts and find out who is currently serving on your Executive Council, click here (note you must be logged into the Members Only area):

For more information about the nomination procedure, contact Joyce Hager,

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