AMA Podcast Episode 78 – Katie Bosman


From a young age, Katie Bosman was enticed by flight. Perhaps it came from her parents’ love of birds, and the art pieces they put together to capture the essence of their flight. Her fascination with flying continued after her first model aviation club exposed her to the facets of model aviation. The hobby was an inspiration throughout her whole life. Not only did she learn about physics and science, but the hobby helped her to build her confidence by exposing her to public speaking, taught her the importance of camaraderie and being a good sport through competition, and eventually lead her to realize her love of journalism.

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Katie Bosman’s presentation AMA Expo 2011

Katie Bosman began a career in aviation at the age of eight, when volunteers of the Bay Flyers Model Club in her hometown of Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, taught her how to build and fly model aircraft through a 4-H program.

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