Aeromodeling Legend, Sal Taibi Passes

One of aeromodeling’s greatest legends has passed away. Sal Taibi, born April 5, 1920 had been an aeromodeler since 1933 and an AMA member since its inception in 1936. He was known for many things, including designing the Powerhouse, Brooklyn Dodger and The Starduster. Sal has won many awards over the years, including a first place finish at the National Model Airplane Championships in Chicago, Illinois in 1941. His many honors include being inducted into the Model Aviation Hall of Fame in 1974, becoming an AMA Fellow in 1975, induction into the National Free Flight Society Hall of Fame in 1978, and the SAM Hall of Fame in 1989.

AMA Executive Director, Dave Mathewson reflected on Sal’s life, and all that he has given to the hobby by saying, “he’s arguably one of the most significant members AMA has ever had. His influence is as far reaching as anyone I can think of.”

Discover more about Sal’s life and his many accomplishments, by reading Sal’s biography, a part of the AMA History Program biographies:


Sal Taibi article, Dec 1993 MA


  1. What an inspiration – reading of Sal Taibi’s history. It seems he was able to do what he wanted and even blend work with the hobby of Model Aviation. The sport is richer for his contributions.

  2. I consider myself fortunate to have met Sal Taibi at Muncie several years ago. What a privilege. It’s a time I won’t forget.

  3. I met Sal when I was 14 as a member of the Thermal Thumbers. Sal helped me get my first Orbiteer (one of his designs) flying and was great mentor. I was always impressed that this accomplished modeler would take the time to help others.

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