2016 MultiGP Championship Winners

The reigning champion Shaun Taylor aka “Nytfury” took home the win and a $5k purse, followed closely by Jordan Temkin and SidFPV. Watch SidFPV in 2017, he’s 12 years old and got the fastest lap! Everyone was a winner, though, with almost 30’000 USD in prizes being handed out to pilots and a big portion of it over the amazing livestream to spectators.

1st place: Shaun Taylor

Check out the 10 hours of coverage from the event.


  1. This event was the crown jewel of all multirotor racing events, Everyone I have spoken to truly loved this event. It was at the perfect site, with the perfect weather, perfect hosts, perfect characters (pilots) and the everlasting stories and memories generated here. Highly endorsed by the big players in the drone community. MultiGP is truly a great asset to the RC community!

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