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FORBES: Senator Feinstein Now Using Safety Concerns To Target The Drone Industry

Gregory S. McNeal Contributor Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) announced today that she plans to introduce legislation to codify and expand the moratorium on civilian drones.  Feinstein, who is well known for her opposition to drones, is premising her legislation on alleged safety concerns — she previously used alleged privacy concerns to justify her […]

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FAA List Of Reported Drone Incidents Indicates A Problem. But It’s Not What You Think.

John Goglia FORBES Contributor The FAA’s list of 194 drone sightings reported to it this year were obtained by the New York Times and published yesterday.  Contrary to what one would expect from all the media hype about the risks posed to manned aircraft by today’s popular quadcopters, the FAA’s list of sightings does […]

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