AMA Awaits CBO Recognition

On October 24, 2022, the FAA published Advisory Circular (AC) 91-57C, which outlines the requirements for community-based organization (CBO) recognition, as well as AC 89-3, which outlines the FAA-Recognized Identification Area (FRIA) application process.

In addition to the release of the Advisory Circulars, the FAA also opened the online application process for both CBO recognition and FRIA applications. AMA is happy to announce that our application for CBO recognition has been submitted and we eagerly await approval. This recognition will allow AMA to continue requesting higher altitudes at our club’s fixed flying sites and soon request FRIA status on behalf of our clubs. It’s important to note that although the FRIA application portal is open, CBOs cannot yet request FRIA status. AMA anticipates that it will begin requesting FRIA status for our club sites before the end of 2022. FRIAs can only be requested by educational institutes and FAA-recognized CBOs. Club officers will be contacted in the coming weeks regarding FRIA recognition and the start of that process.

It’s important to remember that the rules for recreational operators changed in 2018 and that these Advisory Circulars are only meant for guidance on how to comply as the FAA continues implementing the requirements from 2018 FAA Reauthorization. Regardless, we know that members might have questions regarding the release of these documents. Please feel free to visit for answers to the most frequently asked questions. Additionally, feel free to watch the discussion AMA had about both Advisory Circulars below:

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