AMA Opposes Missouri House Bill 1619

The Missouri House of Representatives recently proposed House Bill (HB) 1619, which would essentially criminalize capturing photos and/or videos of an individual in a public setting with a UAS. Although AMA agrees that individual privacy is important, we feel HB 1619 is too restrictive in its attempt to protect said privacy and would add an unnecessary burden onto UAS pilots. AMA is particularly wary of the language used in sections 4 and 7 of the bill, finding them too restrictive to hobbyists.

It is important to note that there are portions of HB 1691 that do align with AMA’s safety programming, such as restricting the capturing of images over private property without the owner’s permission. AMA’s Safety Program states, “Using imaging technology for aerial surveillance with a model aircraft capable of obtaining photographs and/or videos or using any types of sensors for collection, retention, or dissemination of surveillance data or information about individuals, homes, businesses, or property locations where there is a reasonable expectation of privacy is strictly prohibited by AMA, unless you have obtained written permission from the individual property owner(s) or manager(s).” 

Government Affairs Director Tyler Dobbs reached out to bill sponsor Representative Van Schoiack as well as republican and democratic leadership of Missouri to express opposition to the bill on behalf of AMA.

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