NASA’s Aviation Safety Reporting System

The UAS industry is teaming with NASA to make UAS operators aware of NASA’s Aviation Safety Reporting System (ASRS). ASRS is a voluntary, confidential, nonpunitive, safety reporting system that receives safety reports from pilots, air traffic controllers, dispatchers, cabin crew, maintenance technicians, and now UAS operators. Anyone involved in UAS operations can file a NASA ASRS report to describe close calls, hazards, violations, and safety-related incidents.

ASRS has been an important part of the aviation safety culture for more than 45 years and has collected and analyzed more than 1.7 million safety reports to date. All reports are held in strict confidence by NASA and de-identified by ASRS safety analysts. The resulting anonymous aviation safety data and lessons learned are shared with the aviation and UAS communities to prevent accidents and help make UAS operations safer.

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