FAA Registration Renewal Process

Currently, FAA registrations are good for three years. To check your expiration date and renew your registration, if needed, follow the detailed steps below, or follow along to a video walkthrough by clicking here.

Step 1. Go to faadronezone.faa.gov. This is the only website that is legitimate. All other FAA Registration sites are scam sites. If you are being asked to pay more than $5.00, you are on a scam site. The correct site looks like the image below.

Step 2. Log in at the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

Step 3. Select “I Agree” when the box pops up.

Step 4. Enter your login information. If you have forgotten your password, scroll to the bottom of this page for steps to reset your password.

Step 5. Select “Renew.” (If your registration is not up for renewal, the option to renew will not be available.) Please note: Individual dashboards will vary, but look for the “Renew” button under your personal information.

Step 6. Enter your payment information and billing address. Continue to review your payment. Make sure you are only being charged $5.00. If all of your information is correct, confirm your payment. A confirmation email should be sent to the email you logged in with confirming your renewal. You will also see that your expiration date has been updated on your Recreational Flyer Dashboard.

Step 7. You’re finished! Your FAA Registration is good for 3 more years.

Forgot Your Password?
Step 1. Select “Forgot Password?”

Step 2. Enter your email address.

Step 3. Check your email for a link to change your password and follow the instructions in that email. Then go back up to step 4 and proceed with the renewal process.

If you have any problems or need help, please contact the Government Affairs office at (765) 287-1256 or amagov@modelaircraft.org.