Senators Todd Young and Mike Braun Write Letter to the Office of Management and Budget

AMA would like to thank Senators Todd Young and Mike Braun for issuing a letter advocating on behalf of the model aircraft community to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) in response to the FAA’s proposed rule on Remote ID. The letter, issued on November 19, 2020, advocated for the OMB to consider operating at fixed flying and using an app-based software solution when finalizing the Remote ID rule.

In the letter, the senators cautioned against the FAA’s proposed 12-month window for requesting that fixed flying sites be exempt from Remote ID requirements, arguing that such a limited period would greatly restrict the number of safe flying sites available to thousands of UAS operators. Additionally, the proposed timeframe would greatly affect Junior ROTC cadets because their flying sites tend to change from year to year.

The senators also advocated for the development of an app-based software solution for Remote ID that allows operations outside of fixed flying sites rather than a costly technological mandate on UAS and their operators. Such an app already has several leading technology companies working on its development.

AMA greatly appreciates the support of Senators Young and Braun, and thanks them for aiding in our efforts to shape the ruling of Remote ID with the model aircraft community’s interests at the forefront. The letter can be read here.